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The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions. This was further supported by a recent study conducted by research company “Reportlinker”.

Size of South American Region’s DaaS Market to Double by 2027

The study was focused around the South American (SAM) region, which is a vibrant geography when it comes to the latest technology solutions. Due to fast growing economies in the SAM region, there has been wide acceptability for DaaS and VDI solutions.

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Impact of Covid-19 on SAM Region

South America (SAM) has been one of the worst hit by the ongoing pandemic. The rates of infections and well as fatalities from the virus are once again on the rise. This has prompted many businesses to shut down their conventional delivery channels and go remote.

When it comes to choosing remote work platforms that can support critical operations during the pandemic, DaaS and VDI figure among the top picks. When we specifically compare DaaS and VDI, we observe that DaaS has some obvious advantages over VDI.

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Why DaaS over VDI?

The key distinguishing feature between DaaS and VDI is management of the underlying hardware. In case of DaaS providers like dinCloud, all the hardware resources powering the Hosted Desktops is managed by the service provider against a certain fee.

So, DaaS has been the top pick for thousands of businesses throughout the South American (SAM) region. Organizations with very specific technological needs may have gone for VDI to virtualize desktops, but the accompanying complexities act as a deterrent.

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DaaS and VDI Growth Projection for 2027

As discussed earlier, the “Reportlinker” study is focused around the SAM region. For the year 2019, the size of the DaaS and VDI market in South America has been estimated at around US $222 MN.

The report forecasts the combined DaaS and VDI market in the SAM region to touch US $533 MN by the year 2027. This translates into a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of nearly 11.7% over these years, which is phenomenal under the present circumstances.

Now, let’s briefly touch the areas where DaaS and VDI solutions are being deployed very rapidly all over the South American (SAM) region.

IT and Telecom

These are among the very few industries that have witnessed a skyrocketing demand. This was largely due to the restrictions imposed as a result of the pandemic. DaaS solutions such as dinHVD have played a pivotal role in sustaining critical operations remotely.

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State and Government Entities

In the large part of this health crisis, most state and government level activities have continued largely uninterrupted. However, the bulk of such workloads was shifted over DaaS and VDI solutions in a bid to minimize the health risks posed by Covid-19.

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Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) H3

The BFSI sector as a whole was at the forefront of offering uninterrupted services to millions of consumers across the SAM region. This was largely made possible via robust and secure DaaS solutions like dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops.

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It was by far one of the highest risk and worst hit sectors from the pandemic. To protect valuable healthcare providers and patients from exposure to direct risks, DaaS and VDI served as an excellent platform for telemedicine.

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At one stage, it seemed as if educational activities may not resume for a couple years or so. Thanks to DaaS providers like dinCloud that distance or E-learning could be rolled out in a matter of just a few months and educational activities have resumed remotely.

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Remote Work – The New Normal

The report also highlights the trend of remote work that has become mainstream across most organizations in the SAM region. DaaS has proved as a reliable and instantly scalable platform to support Work from Home (WFH) scenarios. 


Based on the above key factors and some other contributors, it is expected that the demand for DaaS and VDI will remain very strong in the South American (SAM) region. The report forecasts this increasing trend for DaaS adoption to continue at least till 2027.

Feel free to Contact dinCloud for your remote work needs, whether you’re located in South America or anywhere across the globe. Our Cloud Hosted Virtual solutions will provide a robust and secure means to sustain core business operations remotely.