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Overview of RDS


dinCloud's Remote Desktop ServicesdinRDS, allows users to access session-based desktops from the cloud. The terminal sessions run on your private corporate network and stream over a secure Internet connection. This allows you to deploy multi-purpose desktops for a pool of users without dedicating a virtual desktop to each person.

dinRDS is fully compatible with multiple operating systems, such as Chrome, HTML 5, Android, Mac and Linux operating systems. It can be particularly useful for users who are looking to access session-based desktops, but don’t necessarily require dedicated resources such as CPU or RAM. It can help simplify a corporate environment by removing the need for access to a corporate environment via VPN or a corporate device.


How dinRDS - Remote Desktop Services Works

RDS For the Admins

Hot it Works

From an administrative viewpoint, RDS provides terminal session like access to a pooled group of users to a shared session. Users enter a session and changes or documents they store directly in that session will be visible on their next login.

Maintaining RDS

Provision and centrally manage resources with ease via our cloud orchestration portal. Track usage and monitor/adjust your infrastructure through our centralized console. dinRDS can be quickly deployed and rolled out to users. And while we offer convenient self-service, dinCloud’s support team is also available to you.

Security of Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services from dinCloud come equipped with a dedicated firewall and SSL encryption. Additionally, all dinCloud services are hosted via SSAE 16 SOC 1 or 2 data centers, adhering to the most stringent security standards in the industry today. Sophisticated access control is based on identity, device, location and connection.

RDS For the Users

Accessing a Remote Desktop is simple for the end user. They can access it from multiple device types.

DesktopdinRDS login - dinCloud

Seamless User Experience

With Remote Desktop Services, users access session-based desktops via HTML5, Chrome, Android, Mac, iOS, or Windows devices. The user experience is seamless within the RDS platform, similar to that of a traditional desktop.

dinRDS Desktop - dinCloud

Rich Experience with RDS

dinCloud’s RDS features an enhanced protocol and multimedia support. dinRDS also supports full USB and network printing and scanning.

RDS Benefits


Remote Desktop Services from dinCloud (dinRDS) offer an ideal virtual desktop delivery model for organizations seeking a simple, easy-to-use interface for their users.


  • Deployment Type

    Enterprise, multi-tenant, many deployment models

  • Performance

    Enhanced protocol & multimedia acceleration

  • Access Control Mode

    Flexible-based on identity + device + location + connection

  • Compatibility

    Supports current and legacy Windows editions

  • Printing and Scanning

    Enhanced, full USB & network printing & scanning

  • Platforms Supported

    Windows, Chrome, HTML5, Android, Mac and Linux OS

RDS Terminal Services Pricing


We offer flat-rate pricing for Remote Desktop Services. Our costs are based on the servers and virtual machines needed to host the application, /user/month for dinRDS, and a possible fee for Microsoft licenses.

The SSL certificate helps ensure data is encrypted while in transit.

SSL Certificate 1 year

A typical configuration for would require the below.

SSL Gateway Monthly
Active Directory Monthly
Connection Broker Monthly
Terminal Server Monthly

As customers scale their infrastructure, our virtual machines can also scale up to support 300 users.

What's Next?

If you’re ready to move forward with dinRDS, please see a demo, request info, or get a quote.

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