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Hosted Workspaces

Today’s IT and business trends around BYOD, mobility, and efficiency have led us to develop dinCloud’s Hosted Workspaces, which allow you to easily provision your resources in the cloud from multiple endpoints, including Windows, Chrome, HTML5, Android, Mac, and Linux.

Integrate your infrastructure in the secure cloud with dinCloud. Deploy and manage your applications with ease with our Hosted Workspaces, which include our hosted virtual desktop (dinHVD and dinDaaS) and application publishing offering.


Hosted Virtual Desktop

dinHVD is a hosted virtual desktop that allows users to access their digital environment from any device (mobile phone, desktop, tablet, laptop) from multiple operating systems (Windows, Apple, iOS, Chrome, Linux, Android)



dinDaaS is a hosted virtual desktop that can be accessed by downloading our dinDaaS application on the Google Chrome extension. Users can login with just a few clicks, which allows users to access their digital workspace with ease.



dinRDS is a remote desktop service that enables users to run multiple session based desktop with applications. dinRDS supports multiple operating systems and devices, and can be accessed through an installed app on a PC.



dinApp is an application publishing platform that enables you to run multiple instances of an application through a simple, turn-key cloud solution. dinApp runs legacy applications with different browser requirements on any physical or virtual device, anytime, anywhere.

The table below outlines the key differences between each of our four hosted workspaces.

key differences between each of our four hosted workspaces

dinCloud’s hosted workspaces offering gives you the chance to move to a secure cloud with ease. To learn more about our hosted workspaces, visit our dinApp, dinHVD, or dinDaaS pages.

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