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dinCloud, LLC has established these Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) and Website Privacy Policies (WPP) to promote responsible use of dinCloud, LLC products and services, its website and network (collectively referred to hereinafter as the “dinCloud, LLC Service”) by our customers and their end-users, and to help protect the Internet community as a whole from improper and/or illegal activity over the internet.

By using the dinCloud, LLC Service, you acknowledge that you, your end-users, and any other user that accesses the dinCloud, LLC Service through your account (collectively, “Account User”), will comply with this AUP. To be clear, you are responsible not only for your own violations of this AUP, but for violations of this AUP by any user that accesses the dinCloud, LLC Service through your account. The AUP applies to all aspects of the dinCloud, LLC Service. dinCloud, LLC reserves the right to modify this AUP at its discretion, at any time. Modifications will be effective upon posting to the dinCloud, LLC website at

Responsibilities of Account Holders and Account Users

Each Account Holder agrees to inform each Account User of this AUP. It is the responsibility of each Account User to respect the privacy of other users and not to seek private information pertaining to other users without their express written permission. Such private information includes, but is not limited to, personal data and passwords belonging to other users. Use the dinCloud, LLC Services in a manner that is consistent with ethical practice and accepted community standards.

Website Privacy Policy

In general, you can visit without telling us who you are or revealing any personal information about yourself.

However, there are times when we may need information from you, such as your name, business address and email address. We may also ask that you respond to questions similar to the following: What is your primary business focus? What products are you primarily interested in? What products have you purchased from us? What other suppliers do you purchase from? How did you find this site? How should we contact you? We also give you a choice of what you want to receive via email. dinCloud, LLC will let you know before we collect any personal information from you over the Internet. When you choose to give us personal information over the Internet that we may request, dinCloud, LLC will earnestly attempt to let you know how we will use this information.

When dinCloud, LLC receives information about your session or about you, we may use it for research or to improve our site and the services we offer you. We will ask you if you want us to use that information to continue contact with you by dinCloud, LLC via email or other means, for example, to send you new product information or notification of special offers. If you do not want us to contact you can choose to “opt out,” and dinCloud, LLC will strive to respect your wishes.

dinCloud, LLC will not sell, rent, or lease your personally identifiable information to others. dinCloud, LLC will not use or share the personally identifiable provided to us online in ways unrelated to the ones described above without first letting you know and offering you a choice. As previously stated, we will also provide you the opportunity to let us know if you do not wish to receive unsolicited direct marketing materials from us and we will do everything we can to honor such requests. Local country laws and policies are applied where they differ from those in the U.S.

In general, on IP addresses (the internet address of a computer) are logged to track a user’s session while the user remains anonymous. We analyze this data for certain trends and statistics, such as which parts of our site users are visiting and how long they spend there. In general, we do not link your IP addresses to anything personally identifiable to you. In those limited cases where session information is not anonymous, dinCloud, LLC considers the responsible use of personal information to be a critical element in enabling the Internet to reach is potential as a serious tool for personal and professional activities. As the Internet changes our lives in a number of ways, dinCloud, LLC is committed to respecting your privacy.

Copyright Policy

It is the responsibility of all Account Users to respect all laws pertaining to copyrighted and licensed programs, data, and other information that may be accessible through dinCloud, LLC Services.

Prohibited Uses

To further responsible use of dinCloud, LLC Services, dinCloud, LLC prohibits all illegal conduct and conduct that infringes on the rights of other Account Users as well as the Internet Community at large. Such prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to:
  • Violations of any laws, governmental regulations, or the regulations of any quasi-governmental or other Internet regulatory agency;
  • Any form of hacking or defeating any form of system security or unauthorized accessing of accounts or attempts thereof;
  • Distribution or receiving of communications or data gleaned from, or execute any action directed by any type of injurious code, including but not limited to: (i) trojans, (ii) key loggers, (iii) viruses, (iv) malware, (v) botnets, (vi) denial of service attacks, (vii) flood or mail bombs, (viii) logic bombs, or (ix) other actions which dinCloud, LLC reserves the sole right to determine to be malicious in intent.
  • Distribution of pornography or any material that dinCloud, LLC deems, at its sole discretion, to be offensive or inappropriate;
  • Conduct that is defamatory, invading of privacy, fraudulent, abusive, deceptive, or dinCloud, LLC at its sole discretion deems offensive.

Cooperation with Investigations and Legal Proceedings

If we are legally required to permit any relevant authority to inspect your content or traffic, you agree we can do so; provided however that, where possible without breaching any legal or regulatory requirement, we give you reasonable prior notice of such requirement.

We may, without notice to you, report to the appropriate authorities any conduct by you that we believe violates applicable law, and provide any information we have about you, or your users or your traffic and cooperate in response to a formal request from a law enforcement or regulatory agency investigating any such activity, or in response to a formal request in a civil action that on its face meets the requirements for such a request.

Excessive Use of Shared System Resources

You may not use any shared system provided by dinCloud, LLC in a way that unnecessarily interferes with the normal operation of the shared system, or that consumes a disproportionate share of the resources of the system. For example, we may require you to repair coding abnormalities in your Cloud-hosted code if it unnecessarily conflicts with other Cloud customers’ use of the Cloud. You agree that we may quarantine or delete any data stored on a shared system if the data is infected with a virus, or is otherwise corrupted, and has the potential to infect or corrupt the system or other customers’ data that is stored on the same system.

Violations of the AUP

Any Account Holder that dinCloud, LLC determines, in is sole discretion, to have violated any element of this AUP is subject to remedial action, the severity of which shall be decided by dinCloud, LLC, at its sole discretion, and shall depend upon the severity of the violation and the number of violations. In the most severe cases, such remedies may include immediate Account termination without notice. With respect to less severe violations, the company may issue a written warning to the Account Holder and the Account may be subject to a temporary suspension of service. No credit will be available under the dinCloud, LLC Service Level Agreement for interruptions of service resulting from any AUP violation.

dinCloud, LLC reserves its right to take such action as it deems necessary under the circumstances to prevent further violations of this AUP. dinCloud, LLC shall not be liable for any damages of any nature suffered by any Account User resulting in whole or in part from dinCloud, LLC exercise of its rights under the AUP and the Account Holder agrees to indemnify dinCloud, LLC and hold it harmless from and against any claims arising from the exercise of its rights under this AUP.

Demographic Information through Google Analytics

We collect demographic information on our website using Google Analytics. You can opt out of this using ads settings. We may disclose user data (not specific to a particular individual), including gender, age, and usage data gathered from our demographics tracker to third party organizations for the purposes of research and comparison. We will use the information gathered by Google Analytics to further develop our website and to match user interests.