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Desktop as a Service or DaaS is a major desktop virtualization technology. The factor that makes DaaS a very plausible technology platform is that all the underlying resources and management is taken care of by a third party Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud.

Global DaaS Market Well Poised for Massive Expansion

So, DaaS is extremely useful for organizations whose core business area is not IT, but they still want to leverage this technology to streamline business processes. Further, most businesses may not have the level of IT skills in house required to pull this off.

One more segment where DaaS outperforms is Small and Medium sized enterprises or SMEs. These play a pivotal role in any vibrant economy and serve as an engine for constant innovation and improvement in existing processes.

A recent study conducted on the future prospects of DaaS by “Transparency Market Research” has painted a very positive outlook for the global DaaS market. The report forecasts massive growth in the demand for DaaS solutions globally.

The report cited the following factors that are driving the persistent demand for DaaS solutions across the globe.

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Ease of Upgrading and Patching

In a traditional IT environment, you have to update or patch each physical machine for the changes to take effect. This can prove to be an administrative nightmare for IT teams, especially if the workforce or operations are physically dispersed.

The research highlights the ease of patching and upgrading DaaS solutions. Firstly, all this is managed by your cloud provider like dinCloud. Secondly, all this process is completed in the least amount of time, as all the changes have to be applied only at the data center level.

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Centralized and Unlimited Storage

One more reason that has triggered massive demand for DaaS solutions is centralized storage. In case of DaaS, no enterprise data is stored over employee’s endpoint devices. This is not only good for data security, but also makes its management quite easy.

The other area where DaaS shines is access to unlimited storage. In case of physical devices, you can run out of storage even before you know it. With DaaS, you have access to nearly limitless storage, that’s provided by your CSP like dinCloud thru powerful data centers.

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Unrivaled Cyber Security

Most companies that are opting for DaaS cite better cyber security as one of the major motivations for the transition. DaaS solutions are provided by CSPs once they have fully applied a multi layer cyber security framework.

Leading cloud providers like dinCloud don’t just offer protection at the data center level, you can also integrate a world class suite for security called Sophos Intercept X for Endpoints with our DaaS offering.

In this way, organization can avail best of the best cyber security right down to the endpoint tier. This is indeed a great sigh of relief for most businesses that may not have the financial or human resources to ensure fool proof security for cyber threats.

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Backup and Business Continuity

The report also cited ease of backup as a major reason that’s fuelling the demand for DaaS solutions. DaaS providers like dinCloud maintain multiple copies of user’s data on regular basis at physically dispersed locations. All this is done after cleansing each backup.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, DaaS has proved to be a highly available and reliable platform for Business Continuity (BC). Take the example of the Covid-19 pandemic, in which DaaS solutions provided great support to remotely working employees.

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Based on the above factors and a few others, DaaS is expected to show even stronger growth over the upcoming months and years. The report also stresses the need for selecting a cloud provider that fulfills your existing and future needs.

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