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Cloud Case Studies

Hospitality and Travel Group manages their Virtual Contact Center Workers with Virtual Desktops

As a part of their business strategy, Brittain Resorts employs a number of their call center staff in remote locations. As such, they experienced a variety of challenges in procuring and managing these remote employee’s equipment needs. By utilizing a BYOD (Bring-your-own-device) strategy with dinCloud’s Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), Brittain was able to pass all of their end-user support over to dinCloud, improve time to productivity of their new hires, all while maintaining full control over their IT infrastructure and applications accessed by the users.

Mortgage Lender Addresses Operational Challenges with the Cloud

With more than 70 lending branches nationwide, leading mortgage lender Bank of England, struggled to meet the needs of the geographically diverse footprint while maintaining strict security controls. When looking for a technology refresh, Bank of England chose dinCloud because of their scalable, secure, automated and easily maintained infrastructure.

Pharmaceutical Company Leverages dinApp Publishing Platform for Compounding Application

DermaTran is a national group of compounding pharmacies. They leverage dinApp, dinCloud’s app publishing platform, to deploy legacy applications, lower costs, and quickly deploy apps to users located across 4 geographic regions. A vital component to the success of their deployment was the stability of the underlying architecture. After experiencing challenges with their previous application publishing platform, DermaTran decided to migrate to a turn-key cloud-based application to resolve stability and accessibility. During this transition, they decided on dinCloud’s dinApp publishing platform because of its ability to operate efficiently and cooperatively across their geographically diverse locations.

Healthcare Company Moves Its Infrastructure to the Cloud

Medicalodges, a post-acute healthcare organization based in Kansas, moved its infrastructure with the help of services provider, dinCloud. When looking for a solution, dinCloud’s ability to meet the HIPAA and BAA standards stood out. Medicalodges continues to leverage the benefits associated with the cloud including collaboration, security, disaster recovery, cost savings, and scalability all while reducing the complexity of maintaining the regulatory compliance necessary in the medical industry.

dinCloud Hosted Virtual Servers Transforms Business Operations for Construction Contractor

Sierra Group struggled to maintain and manage an on-premises infrastructure solution based on aging software and hardware. Without the support of a dedicated IT staff, Sierra Group was burdened with regular downtime and prolonged operations. After being introduced to dinCloud, the Sierra Group has managed to significantly improve the speed and overall performance of their server and employee onboarding, while increasing security and reducing costs.

Microsoft Case Study on Hosted Virtual Desktops Shows 50% Savings

To trim costs and boost flexibility, National Asset Direct (NAD), Inc., which helps support investment fund acquisition and management, needed to improve the performance and manageability of its desktop environment. After adopting the dinCloud hosted virtual Desktop solution, NAD has not only slashed its operating costs by 50% but improved the performance and efficiency of their desktop environment.