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dinCloud adds Sophos Intercept X to its Cyber Security Arsenal

Cyber Security is a core issue faced by all enterprises in general and Cloud Service Providers (CSP) in particular. Modern day cyber threats are becoming stealthier with every passing day and without a proactive approach, the damage in most cases is irreparable.

As a leading public cloud provider, dinCloud has always accorded top priority to cyber security. One of the major selling points of our Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops and other solutions is an impeccable track record in cyber security.

The Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape

Overall, the cyber threat landscape is one of the most hostile it has ever been. Perhaps a major contributing factor has been the ongoing pandemic that has forced thousands of enterprises to hurriedly scramble for Business Continuity (BC) solutions.

In most such speedy implementations, cyber security either got completely ignored or was not awarded the due importance it deserved. As a result, cyber miscreants have been wreaking havoc with Federal, State, Commercial and Non Profit establishments.

dinCloud’s Cyber Security

At dinCloud, a robust cyber security posture has always remained one of the defining characteristics of our cloud powered solutions. dinCloud’s spotless track record in cyber security is the result of constant investment and innovation in industry leading solutions.

dinCloud Adopts Sophos Cyber Security Suite

In its ongoing commitment to build and maintain a robust security posture, dinCloud has integrated the world’s best cyber security suite developed by Sophos into its cloud hosted solutions and services.

Intro to Sophos

Sophos is considered one of the world’s leading software and hardware companies when it comes to cyber security solutions. Based in Britain, Sophos specializes in:
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End Point Security
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Network Security
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Mobile Security
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Email Security

Why dinCloud Selected Sophos?

Unlike other cyber security companies that mainly rely on a reactive approach, Sophos adopts a proactive approach to threat detection, prevention and mitigation. Its world class security tools rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning to counter threats.

Sophos Intercept X Endpoint Security

Most cyber security experts hold a consensus view that in cloud computing solutions, end points are by far the weakest link. The in depth analysis of most successfully mounted cyber attacks has identified end point devices as often being the point of entry.

Cyber miscreants are well aware that responsible Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud adopt a multi faceted and fool proof approach to cyber security. However, end users of cloud solutions may either be unaware or unprepared for modern cyber threats.

What is Sophos Intercept X Endpoint?

Intercept X Endpoint is one of the flagship cyber security products developed by British cyber security company Sophos. This solution focuses primarily on end point security, but still does not ignore the other critical components of any cloud infrastructure.