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Tuning Windows: Get 15x Speeds On Large File Copies TODAY

by: dinCloud Inc. in Blog May 20, 2015

What most people find stunning and yet are almost always unaware of is that Microsoft has limited the operating systems of Windows 7, 8, Server 2008, Server 2012 and others such that if you try to do large file copies over a LAN/WAN network or to/from the Internet, this is significantly throttled.

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Windows Server 2003 – Going the Way of the Dinosaurs

by: dinCloud Inc. in Blog May 19, 2015

You’ve likely heard the news. Windows Server 2003 is going the way of the dinosaurs.

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Disaster Recovery Made Easy with dinCloud Part 2

by: dinCloud Inc. in Blog May 13, 2015

In case you missed it, read part one in our disaster recovery series. The next factor in the BC/DR equation is cloud backup. The benefits of cloud storage are widely touted – but some prerequisite cloud storage considerations are less known.

   Tags: disaster recovery case studyCloud Backupnetwork attached storage

Disaster Recovery Made Easy with dinCloud Part 1

by: dinCloud Inc. in Blog May 12, 2015

In today’s climate, a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy is no longer a “nice to have” -  it’s essential to the ongoing health of your business.

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TeslaCrypt – Lookout ransomware! Hello, dinCloud

by: dinCloud Inc. in Blog May 12, 2015

TeslaCrypt File DecryptionEvery once in a while, my phone rings and it’s Chicken Little on the other end.   This time the sky really was falling, because apparently one of Chicken’s staff got infected with the latest ransomware which had encrypted all of the company’s Microsoft FileShare servers.   Fortunately, the month before I had talked Chicken into spinning up a new Windows server at dinCloud and replicating his Microsoft FileShare servers to the Cloud using Microsoft’s free tool: Distributed File System (DFS).

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