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Eye Candy: The Truth Behind GPU Powered VDI

Posted by: dinCloud Inc. in Blog Apr 06, 2015

GPU powered virtual desktop infrastructureEvery once in a while, my phone rings and its Chicken Little on the other end.   He’s always very excited to tell me that the sky is falling.   He’s predicting dinCloud’s doom based on some Cloud company that came out of the middle of nowhere and has some hot new full page ad claiming they will crush us.   Or, he stopped by event X and at booth Y they had the best booth babes and this VDI thing running some crazy insane stuff that the world has never seen before on a virtual desktop!  Naturally, NVidia was there, the swag in the bag was thick, VMware and Citrix had a hookah lounge going, the Kool-Aid guy showed up and served everyone personally, the booth babes started to dance, the crowd cheered, bloggers went nuts, the new website for 5 of our competitors debuted online simultaneously and someone got the PARTY STARTED!   Yawn….zzzzzzzzzz

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Cloud Is The New Digital Sparta!

Posted by: dinCloud Inc. in Blog Apr 06, 2015

This CTO and his 300 have spent their time at the hot gates stacking up the bodies of competitors while innovating new engineering feats and tactics to keep our muscles and armor strong. Please keep savoring these monthly blogs; we hope you find them both entertaining and informative as we regale our epic adventures.We're doing things technologically that no one anywhere has ever done because they've never had to - LOL. We write (code) a lot of the software ourselves (dinManagewebHVD, dinAuth, etc.) and coordinate closely with all hardware vendors to exploit platforms in ways that are both new and demanding (Oh, if my data center walls could talk).

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Hillary Clinton's Email Gets a "B-" But Is Yours an "F"?

Posted by: Mike Chase in Blog Mar 11, 2015

As with anything acquiring a political slant, even something as mundane as email can become a hot topic!  Over the last week there's been a lot of news coverage about Hillary Clinton and just about every other United States State Department head resorting to the use of personal email in the execution of their daily duties.  It's bizarre to have a personal email server in a government context but not something specific to Hillary.  We're going to shock your monkey with this blog, so hold on tight dear reader!


ThinClients? -NO! ThinPC's? -YES!

Posted by: Mike Chase in Blog Mar 02, 2015

dinCloud tested & approved, the Zotac $179 thinPC outperforms thinClients at a fraction of the cost!

Why spend $299?  $399?  $499? $599? Or more for ThinClients that DON’T WORK OR have LIMITED FUNCTIONALITY?!  


dinDNS - Impervious AnyCast DNS Services Worldwide

Posted by: Mike Chase in Blog Mar 02, 2015


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