dinCloud Hosted Virtual Servers


dinServer is a hosted virtual server offering from dinCloud. These virtual servers reside in a dinCloud hosted virtual private data center infrastructure. Through its robust architecture, built-in security measures and transparent pricing, dinCloud facilitates a heavenly experience in the cloud.

Why dinCloud Hosted Virtual Servers?

The success of a cloud migration is dependent on more than just infrastructure. Ongoing client support helps customize virtual cloud servers and their environment to meet each organization’s unique requirements and key performance metrics. The following benefits and many more can be quickly achieved and realized with the deployment of dinServers.

dinServer Benefits


Administrators maintain complete access and visibility into dinCloud infrastructure, from end user utilization down to the command line.


When there is a change in business needs, instantly scale resources up or down via dinManage, dinCloud’s cloud provisioning and orchestration platform.


dinServers do more than just virtualize – they secure data. Security is built into the foundation of every virtual dinCloud environment. Inherent dinCloud security measures include a dedicated virtual firewall for every server, daily data snapshots to supplement backups, 2-factor authentication for VPN users, secure border routing, a dedicated SSL gateway, data encryption and more.


dinCloud infrastructure has built-in business continuity/disaster recovery considerations. Data is stored and replicated to a remote data center. In the event of an outage, failover is automated to another remote location.


dinServers are incredibly powerful - running at an average speed that is more than twice as fast as  the virtual server competition.

Transparent Pricing

Most providers sneak in hidden costs in the form of data transfer fees, typically encountered during a migration. dinCloud offers flat rate pricing with no hidden costs or fees!

How to Migrate to dinServer

No matter the state of your current IT environment, dinCloud can facilitate your server migration (no headaches!). Get started with one of the following options to kick-start your move in the cloud.