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At the global level, we are witnessing a steady growth in the rates of cloud adoption. This statistic is further supported by the fact that investment in cloud architectures has a stronger pace as compared to the growth in IT spending as a whole.

On the contrary, we are witnessing a shifting trend in the overall IT spend. Most experts believe that as millions of businesses brace for the financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, investment in IT may show a negative growth this year round.

While it may be premature to say that, the situation is not as uncertain when we consider Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud. In a bid to sustain critical operations remotely, millions of businesses globally are looking up to cloud services.

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Work from Home (WFH) Trend to Continue and Grow

The cloud powered solutions offered by dinCloud, a leading CSP, are the perfect fit for Work from Home (WFH) initiatives. By now, the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has started to set in across most parts of Europe, while USA still remains badly affected.

As the infections from Covid-19 surge once again, we can expect the trend of remote work to regain momentum. Its largely because businesses across the globe are attaching top most priority to the safety of their employees and the society as a whole.

dinCloud among Top Cloud Service Providers for 2020

In a study conducted on the world’s leading Cloud Service Providers (CSP), dinCloud has yet again featured among the top brands. This is due mainly to the constant efforts of dinCloud to keep improving its cloud services and cyber security posture.

Despite the extremely hostile cyber security space amidst the global pandemic, dinCloud was among the handful of cloud providers that successfully protected the data of its valuable cloud users from a broad spectrum of cyber threats.

Another reason dinCloud featured among the top cloud providers was the wide range of its cloud services. We offer fully virtualized Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops, Dedicated Virtual Servers and Virtual Databases.

Due to a wide range of cloud services, dinCloud’s solutions can be tailored to fulfill a wide range of use cases. With a global footprint of data centers, dinCloud solutions can be deployed nearly across the globe. This makes us a top pick among cloud providers.

Another key aspect of dinCloud’s services has been the high level of customizability we offer. Whether it’s a wide choice of Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD), security protocols or authentication measures, dinCloud is there to design a custom cloud service for you.

Future Outlook for the Cloud

The future outlook for cloud services is presenting a very promising picture. As remote work becomes mainstream, the cloud possesses a very unique opportunity to sustain a prolonged work from home environment for employees.

While setting up remote work platforms has been a challenge for businesses itself, the situation becomes further complicated due to the cyber threats lurking out there. The cloud presents a viable WFH platform that’s equally secure for enterprises.

The report also cited that due to socio economic uncertainty, companies are not committing themselves heavily over on-premise IT infrastructures. Even in this scenario, the cloud presents itself as an instantly scalable alternative.

Instead of committing heavily with Capital Expenditures (CapEx), it is expected that most businesses will give preference to cloud services. In the case of cloud, you only pay for the storage and processing resources that you actually use, thus saving costs.

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As per the research report on the Cloud’s future outlook for 2025, it is expected that investment in cloud architectures and services will outrun the overall investment in the IT sector as a whole.

If you are also prospecting for cloud services to sustain remote work and WFH initiatives, feel free to Contact Us for further modalities.