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The modern enterprise knows no boundaries. If you want to compete effectively in today’s world, you have to expand to different geographies to tap new customers. In doing so, you also risk increasing your management challenges related to IT.

How Does the Cloud Simplify Multi Site Management?

When it comes to expanding your business, it is imperative you have all the technology stack in place. In case of geographically dispersed operations, this becomes a daunting challenge in terms of both financial and human resources.

How to Manage Multiple Sites?

When you are expanding your enterprise to new geographies, managing those multiple sites may seem like an insurmountable challenge. Without overcoming such hurdles, you may not be able to reap the desired benefits of expansion.

In any such scenario, you need an IT infrastructure that is fully in sync with your base of operations or what we call the corporate headquarters. In addition to that, you need this technology stack to be equipped with all the enterprise grade tools.

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Remote Employees – A New Reality

In addition to the traditional challenges of any geographical expansion, you now have a new variable that’s remotely working employees. To attract and retain the best human capital, you need a technology platform that supports Work from Home (WFH) effectively.

Recent surveys across America and Europe have revealed a shifting trend in the way people work. Now, remote work is becoming a permanent feature that your employees would not only want, but also expect.

So, you need a sound technology platform to support a workforce that’s not only huge in numbers, but is also physically dispersed. Then, there would also be a constant need for collaboration between various teams deployed across different regions.

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Cloud Computing – A Great Fit for Multiple Sites

In the wake of the above scenario, you can count on cloud computing and reliable specialized Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud to deliver. Let’s discuss how cloud technologies simplify multi site management.

Centralized Management

Regardless of how physically dispersed your operations may be, you enjoy centralized management over the cloud. This means the Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop you would be assigning to an employee in USA would exactly be the same for someone in the UK.

In addition to uniformity, you will also enjoy centralized management of all those cloud resources. Say you want to integrate a new productivity application for all your employees. In a traditional setting, this may take several weeks to be fully implemented.

With cloud technologies, all you need to do is integrate the app once in your centralized framework and assign it to the relevant users. Within no time, this app would be published to your global employees, without ever needing to come close to a physical PC.

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Matchless Security

It is literally impossible to secure your enterprise data if it is dispersed across many physical locations and devices. With the cloud, that is not at all the case. Your entire data is stored centrally within highly secure data centers of your cloud provider like dinCloud.

No enterprise data is stored over employee’s physical devices that they would be using to access their cloud hosted resources. This data centrality gives you complete peace of mind in scenarios where an employee device may get lost or stolen.

Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud secure your enterprise data using a multitude of cyber security protocols and tools. That’s not all, before your data can be accessed, employees have to pass through a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) layer.

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Real time Collaboration

The cloud makes real time collaboration among physically split employees and teams a breeze. This is particularly useful in cases where the project is being co-managed by on site and supervisory teams that may be hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.

All the real time collaboration tools are also hosted over state of the art infrastructure of your cloud provider such as dinCloud. This results in a highly secure and seamless end user experience for your employees, even if they may be located on different continents.

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The cloud powered technologies, such as the ones we offer at dinCloud, can prove to be a great enabler for your global business outreach. Our cloud solutions are not only reliable but also equally secure.

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