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“We have been partners with dinCloud for over 5 years now, and have been very happy with the solution and service we have received.  Not only has dinCloud met our expectations, they have exceeded them and our onsite engineer representative from dinCloud is an essential part of the iServe team and family.  We look forward to many more years of working with dinCloud.”

Shane Tate , National Asset Direct iServe Residential Lending

“During the POC stage, dinCloud’s team produced, made changes, and provisioned desktops on the spot, allowing us to see the speed at which they could help us onboard our new employees,” said Dave East, IS manager, global client engineering, Zebra Technologies. “Today, the speed and ease of use of dinCloud’s cloud automation portal, dinManage, aligns well with Zebra’s efforts to build one company with unparalleled capabilities and leading global brands in our industry.”

Dave East, IS manager, global client engineering, Zebra Technologies

“We really don’t have the internal expertise or capabilities to focus on security as effectively as we would like, however, with the cloud-based solution, we now have much better protection in place,”

Monica Stenmo, Director of Operations at Sierra Group.

“We are currently hosting Microsoft SQL Server 2014 via dinCloud’s hosted SQL offering – the solution is outstanding, surprisingly fast, and provides us with a high performance cloud infrastructure that meets our daily computing demands,”

Dwight Payne, software director, Occupational Medical Consulting

“We looked at several providers, but went with dinCloud because they had the best understanding of our HIPAA and BAA requirements.”

Stephen Arndt, consulting CIO at Medicalodges.

“CDW introduced us to dinCloud, who listened to our needs and provided a working solution through dinApp. With dinApp, we can deploy those legacy applications to the same client without any of the issues we previously experienced. The seamless desktop integration provides our employees with an easy to understand application access method that mimics that of a standalone workstation. Pricing of the dinCloud services lowered our bill by almost 2/3rd while providing all of the functionality we required”.

Jesse Davis, Network Administrator at DermaTran Health Solutions