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dinHVD - Hosted Virtual Desktop Overview

An award winning hosted virtual desktop (HVD) offering – also known as a Desktop as a Service (DaaS)- allows users to access their entire digital workspace from any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone).

The hosted virtual desktop connects users to their applications and data, which are hosted out of our secure virtual private data center infrastructure. For added flexibility, our solution is compatible with Windows, Apple, iOS, Chrome, Linux and Android operating systems.

hosted virtual desktops

Think of hosted virtual desktops as a combination of Netflix and iCloud services. Similar to Netflix streaming, no downloads are required to access applications or data from your hosted virtual desktop. The cross-device data persistence offered by our hosted virtual desktop is similar to the iCloud platform. These features converge for a seamless experience when accessing your entire digital workspace – not just documents or apps – from multiple devices at any time.

We offer 2 virtual desktop products – dinHVD and dinDaaS – which can be purchased via a pay per user, monthly subscription.

Why dinCloud for Hosted Virtual Desktops / DaaS

18+ months of research and development was devoted to our hosted virtual desktop product. As a vendor-agnostic cloud service provider, we were able to aggregate technology from multiple sources to form a high-performing hosted virtual desktop.

This robustness carries over into our security infrastructure. dinCloud data centers are Tier III, SSAE 16 Soc 2 Type II. This means that stringent security measures are in place to protect your company’s data. These security measures include: encryption in data and at rest, daily snapshots that are stored for 10 days, and inherent infrastructure redundancy.

For added convenience, our hosted virtual desktops are available through your preferred MSP, VAR or technology service provider.

Still considering why you should choose our hosted virtual desktop? Oh yeah, because it works! If you’ve tried other Desktop as a Service (DaaS) products, you’re in for an entirely different (dare we say, better) experience with our hosted virtual desktops. But don’t just take it from us…

Hosted Virtual Desktop Reviews

Some sound bites from current dinCloud hosted virtual desktop users.

“After moving to the hosted desktop solution from dinCloud, we’ve realized a significant cost savings—reducing our overall technology spend by 50 percent.”

“I recently got a new laptop and it took me less than 10 minutes to pull up my HVD session. From out of the box to fully functional in less than 30 minutes.”

“Load time is very quick. I click on the desktop icon and I'm ready to start working. Don’t have to wait for the PC to

What's Next?

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits and use cases for dinHVD, our hosted virtual desktop solution.

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