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As remote work becomes mainstream, organizations are constantly on the lookout for the best technology platform. Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops are by far the most formidable answer to the ever growing needs to support remote or work from home employees.

Which Factors make dinHVD the Perfect Hosted Virtual Desktop?

What’s vital to understand here is that no two cloud or virtual desktop services are equal. At the end of the day, it mainly boils down to your third party Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud. There are many factors which will enable you to decipher cloud desktops.

Even otherwise, it is less about who’s the best cloud provider and more about which CSP is the best fit for your organization’s remote work needs. In this post, we will highlight those factors of dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops that make them stand out.

dinHVDs Run on Windows 10

Most of you with a basic IT knowledge would be well aware that an operating system (OS) is the basic building block of your IT infrastructure. It is the very foundation upon which you build your software and app cluster that serves specialized productivity needs.

So, its imperative your hosted desktops run the latest mainstream OS, which in the case of dinHVDs is Windows 10. dinCloud offers a fully virtualized Windows 10 desktop experience to your remote workforce.

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Multi OS and Device Compatibility

In a remote work scenario, your employees may be using a bunch of devices to access their assigned dinHVDs. Our hosted virtual desktops support multiple device platforms that include a smartphone, tablet, laptop as well as desktop.

The flexibility of dinHVDs does not stop here, as our cloud desktops are compatible with all mainstream operating systems that include Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android. This unrivaled versatility puts your remote workforce in the driving seat at all times.

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Ease of Management with dinManage

Your IT admins can manage dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops via our proprietary cloud orchestration portal called dinManage. This is your one stop portal to all the dinCloud services and solutions, thus giving you unparalleled control over your HVD environment.

Through dinManage, you can instantly manage key aspects of your dinHVDs such as scaling up or down, granting access rights to end users, application assignment and performance specs for your hosted virtual desktops.

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Flat Rate Monthly Subscription Model

Once you are considering HVDs for a prolonged remote work or work from home (WFH) scenario, costs will be a very important decision factor. Unlike most other cloud providers that tend to have hidden costs, dinCloud’s HVDs come with transparent pricing.

Well, how we ensure this is that dinHVDs come with a flat rate monthly subscription model with no hidden costs. So, once you opt for our hosted virtual desktops for remote employees, you will be able to accurately factor in the cost component.

Holistic Customer Support

Your IT admins will surely know the way around their in-house architecture but Hosted Virtual Desktops may require some degree of support at dinCloud’s end. We offer some of the best customer support that’s available 24/7/365.

Our dedicated cloud experts will take you along each step of the deployment of dinHVDs. The support staff is there to assist you in every way possible over email, phone and most other mainstream mediums of communication.

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Centralized Data

Remote employees may be accessing your enterprise data and applications via personal devices. Furthermore, the local networks they use to access dinHVDs may also be compromised or possess vulnerabilities.

This makes dinHVDs a very secure option for remotely working employees. The good thing is, none of your data actually resides over the individual employee devices that they are using to access their dinHVDs.

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Instead, all your valuable data is stored securely within the data centers of dinCloud. This also comes in really handy in case one of your employee’s devices either gets misplaced or malfunctions altogether. In such scenarios, you don’t risk losing enterprise data at all.

Enhanced Cyber Security

With the bulk of your workforce working from home, data and cyber security can become a daunting challenge. With a large number of remote workers accessing data and apps from a multitude of locations and devices, security becomes a nightmare for internal IT.

With dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops, that is not the case at all. We have secured our dinHVDs using a multifold approach to security. We don’t rely on just a few security layers, rather our cloud infrastructure is secured via multiple layers of protection.

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To give you an idea, dinHVDs are secured via encryption, protection from malware, ransomware and spyware, virtual firewalls, Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and most importantly, endpoint protection.

With this approach, your enterprise data and applications may even be more secure as compared to on-premise solutions. In a nutshell, dinHVDs are the perfect blend of flexibility, performance and security for your remote work needs.

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The trend of remote work is set to gain more momentum, at least in the short to mid term. Even once we get past the ongoing pandemic, it is expected that remote work is all set to become a permanent feature, albeit in varying forms and degrees.

So, is your organization prepared for the new “remote work driven tech world”? If the answer to this question is no, you will soon find yourself at a visible disadvantage. For all your remote work needs, look no further than dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops.

In case you have any more questions, you can Contact one of dinCloud’s experts and we will take it from there!