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Managed Services

Don’t wait for threats, proactively defend against them

Cybersecurity attacks, like ransomware and malware, are only increasing. Remote Management and Monitoring of your IT systems can mitigate the risks of these attacks by taking a proactive stance to protect your company’s intellectual property and data.


What We Solve

Peace of Mind For The CFO and CEO

There is enough to worry about in the business so why add cyber-security to that list? Management and IT can all have peace of mind knowing that someone is watching their back 24/7.

Keep Systems Running

You have laptops, servers running across the cloud and in the office and on the road. Make sure all your systems are running optimally with infrastructure monitoring services. We also provide proactive notifications so a critical database doesn’t run out of memory or storage space and avoid system crashes.

Keep Workers Productive

Your workers have enough multi-tasking to do, so don’t let slow systems make their life harder. With proactive alerts, end user support, and managed services for patching, we can help make sure your workforce is as efficient as possible when it comes to their tools.


“We really don’t have the internal expertise or capabilities to focus on security as effectively as we would like, however, with the cloud-based solution, we now have much better protection in place,”

Monica Stenmo
Director of Operations at Sierra Group.

Benefits of Managed Services

Continuous Monitoring of Hardware

Proactive Remote Monitoring and maintenance of systems, servers, networks, CPU, disk and memory resources and much more.

Advanced Alerts and Proactive Issue Handling

Utilizing leading antivirus and anti-malware solutions, dinCloud works to ensure the highest levels of protection. We provide prompt reaction to new and unknown attacks for the timely removal of viruses, and warrant performance and integrity.

24/7 Help desk Support

Access to highly trained and certified talent with extensive experience in managing simple and complex managed services and infrastructure visualization projects.

Flat-Rate Pricing

Transparent pricing with no hidden fees, enabling you to effectively manage and forecasts costs.