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The business is a constantly evolving space where efficiency and innovation are of paramount importance. In traditional settings however, a stage comes when there is no further room for optimization and you need a technology shift altogether.

How is the Cloud Re-Shaping Business Dynamics?

The Covid-19 pandemic is a classic example of such a situation, where organizations with even the best on premise IT infrastructures found themselves incapacitated to continue critical operations or support a Work from Home (WFH) environment.

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The Cloud – Your Gateway to Digitalization

So far, most organizations and businesses have relied mainly on incremental changes to their IT infrastructures. Up until now, this cautious and measured approach may have been delivering results but that does not seem to be the case going forward.

Now, organizations need a much more holistic approach to digitalization which goes far deeper than a few incremental changes here and there. Secondly, priorities also need to be redefined in this new environment.

Previously, it was mainly the customers that would get the limelight when it comes to digitization initiatives. Now, another very powerful stakeholder has emerged in the picture, which are your very own employees.

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The Modern Workforce and Flexible Needs

In order to attract and retain the best human talent, organizations need to align their IT infrastructures in a way that meets the needs of the modern workforce. Work related trends are changing across the globe and remote work is becoming mainstream.

Previously, remote work used to be something of a facilitation or leverage that a few of your employees were allowed to avail every now and then. In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, remote work or Work from Home has become the “new normal”.

Now, supporting a persistent remote workforce by giving them access to organizational data and productivity tools has become absolutely crucial for businesses. The tougher part is, you have to provide all this access without any compromise on cyber security.

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Cloud Services – The Enabler for Remote Work

In these challenging and uncertain times, cloud computing has emerged as a true enabler for remote work. Take the example of dinCloud, which is among the top Cloud Service Providers (CSP) globally. It offers Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops called dinHVDs.

dinCloud’s hosted desktops provide a seamless Windows 10 desktop experience to your employees from the safety and comfort of their homes. All the underlying hardware resources that are powering dinHVDs are housed in dinCloud’s data centers.

Your employees can access dinHVDs from any location, so long as there is internet. Here is the other great thing, your remote workforce also doesn’t need to worry about which devices to use when accessing its allotted Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops.

All the mainstream device platforms are supported by dinHVDs, which include smartphone, tablet, laptop as well as desktop PCs. This gives your remote workforce unrivaled flexibility in terms of how, when and where they access their data and apps.

Moreover, dinHVDs provide a seamless End User Experience (UX) to your remotely working employees. Even if you may be using low end devices to access dinCloud’s Hosted Desktops, you won’t feel any lag in performance.

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Support BYOD Initiatives with Confidence

Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) is a rapidly emerging trend among the modern workforce. This brings advantages for both the employers as well as employees. The employers no longer have to procure a new physical device for each fresh hiring.

This results in the much needed cost savings in terms of both capital (CapEx) and operating (OpEx) expenses. The way employees benefit from BYOD is they feel more at home when working on their personal devices with which they are well conversant.

With cloud technologies, such as the ones offered by dinCloud, BYOD initiatives become a breeze. It’s largely attributable to the highly reliable and multi layer security that leading cloud providers (CSP) like dinCloud have in place.

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The cloud is rapidly changing the way organizations and their employees tend to perceive the concept of productivity. Now, the physical boundaries of organizations are disappearing and this trend is being replaced with remote workers.

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