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The cloud can transform how you interact and collaborate with clients and colleagues. Not only can the cloud meet the industry’s strict security and data privacy requirements, many law firms are utilizing cloud services to achieve mobility, efficiency, flexibility and cost savings. With remote client consultations and internal meetings, anywhere/anytime access to your data, and less of a reliance on physical assets, the cloud can help your firm accomplish more with less.

dinCloud’s Legal Offerings

dinCloud’s legal cloud-based offerings include hosted virtual servers (dinServer), hosted virtual desktops (dinHVD and dinDaaS), and cloud storage solutions. DinCloud’s secure cloud offerings provide users with the flexibility and availability to run back office operations from anywhere, at any time. This includes virtual office operations, secure data transfers, and client data collection. We want to guide you through this transition process, and provide onboarding support throughout your migration.

dinCloud’s Legal Partnerships

dinCloud partners with value added resellers that serve the legal industry. We enforce strict control access to customer data to provide the maximum level of protection.

If you would like to get more details about how dinCloud is a fitting match for your cloud based services in the legal industry, please reach out to a dinCloud account executive today, or read more.

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