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Future proof business with cloud – dinCloud

As of 2017, cloud computing solutions became the “new normal.”

That is quite a bold statement, but we don’t make it without proof. In fact, it was Synergy Research Group’s Chief Analyst, John Dinsdale, who penned the words with the release of the 2017 Cloud Market Report by the research group.

9th Annual Ingram-Micro Cloud Summit 2018 – dinCloud

Vendors from around the world are busy making last minute preparations for the 9th annual Ingram Micro Cloud Summit, one of the largest cloud-focused partner events in North America. This years Cloud Summit is inviting the channel to “Tap the Infinite Potential of Cloud.

Citrix XenApp 6.5 End of Life Deadline Approaching

In a little over two months, Citrix XenApp 6.5 will reach the end of its life as Citrix works to migrate users to 7.x almost eight years after its release in August 2011. If you haven’t started planning your migration, you need to start now.

DaaS help small businesses SMBs’ Succeed – dinCloud

Leading research firm, Gartner, predicted that the world would be “cloudy” by 2020.  And now, the message is clear: businesses must transform digitally to compete.

Facing Citrix VDI Headaches On-Prem? – dinCloud

Citrix’s XenDesktop and related products have been a long-time leader in VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) technology. But as the market moves from on-prem systems to the more robust and flexible cloud solutions, companies are increasingly looking to convert their Citrix Licenses to a cloud-based implementation.

Why Move your XenApp and XenDesktop to the Cloud – dinCloud

“We've seen the trend of moving IT off-prem for years now & it's why we support our customers wherever they are: on-prem, off-prem, or both.” ~Citrix CEO David Henshall

Things You Can Do to Lower Your Cyber Security Risk

 “Most people are starting to realize that there are only two different types of companies in the world: those that have been breached and know it and those that have been breached and don’t know it.

Graphical Representation Account Statistics - dinManage

We believe that customers should have ultimate control over their cloud infrastructure, regardless of where it is hosted. That means that customers should be able to visit their data center physically and be able to see what their environment looks like virtually.

Why Move Your Business to the Cloud - dinCloud

Thinking of packing your bags and moving to another office location? As exciting as it sounds, regardless of the reason, moving offices isn’t easy and should be carefully managed. If the effort is poorly coordinated it can turn into a costly adventure that can have an impact on the bottom line.

How to Minimize the Impact of Snow Days in K-12- dinCloud

How one School District applied a digital solution to Mother Nature.


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