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As we enter the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic, it seems plausible that remote work is now a permanent reality. Organizations and businesses that fail to, or lag behind in implementing robust remote work platforms risk going out of business.

How Desktop and App Virtualization Enable Remote Work?

Even amidst this pandemic, the needs of consumers across the globe have not finished altogether, rather the delivery channels have changed. Now, most product and service delivery models rely on a technology driven approach rather than physical interaction.

So, as a business, you need a remote work platform that supports your operations and workforce in the wake of unforeseen circumstances. There are two key stakeholders in any remote work initiative, your employees or end users and the IT admins.

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Ideally, you need a remote work platform that’s easy for IT admins to manage and provides a seamless end user experience to employees. After analyzing the options out there and considering their pros n cons, desktop and app virtualization are the clear standouts.

Take the example of dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD). They provide you round the clock remote access to a Windows 10 desktop from any location, regardless of the device you use and its native operating system (OS).

Using dinCloud’s proprietary Cloud Management Portal called dinManage, you can provision and de-provision dinHVDs in a matter of few clicks and minutes. This gives you un-paralleled flexibility that’s ideal for the presently volatile business environment.

Are dinCloud’s HVDs adequately equipped to tackle processing intensive workloads, the answer to this question is also in yes. dinHVDs can be augmented with powerful CPUs, GPUs and ample RAM to manage heavy workloads, even during remote work.

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In any remote work environment, cyber security becomes paramount. Its mainly due to the fact that remote employees are accessing data and applications beyond the safety of internal networks and VPNs.

This is yet another area where dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops stand out from the competition. We have multi layer security at the cloud infrastructure level, which is supplemented with a robust Two Factor Authentication (2FA) layer for end users.

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Our virtual desktops (dinHVDs) can be equipped with cloud native productivity applications which take the productivity of remote workers to a whole new level. With best in class 24/7/365 Customer Support, migrating to our cloud solutions will be a breeze.

dinCloud’s experts will closely coordinate with your IT admins to make your transition to our Virtual Desktops as seamless as possible. Our remote work solutions are priced transparently as per a flat rate monthly subscription model.

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Having a robust technology platform for sustained remote work is no more an option, it’s an urgent business need. The sooner your organization adapts to this “new normal”, the better are your chances of staying ahead of the competition.

You can Contact Us for further details about dinCloud’s remote work solutions and we will chalk out the best one for you!