Enterprises have been making transformative changes to their IT infrastructures over the past few months. Although most of these changes were made in response to the pandemic, they still fit well in the overall digital transformation picture.

However, making changes to your existing IT infrastructure is a strategic decision, one that has both financial and operational implications. So, organizations have to choose wisely as to which IT infrastructure they opt for.

Among the wide range of options out there, Cloud Hosted Desktops, also referred to as Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops clearly stand out. Let us bring to light some notable benefits of Virtual Desktops for your business.

For the purpose of this post, we will be focusing on Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop benefits, which are offered by specialized Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud. Another way of deploying Virtual Desktops is on-premise, but that is a costly and difficult alternative.

Remote Work Capabilities

Your initial impressions about Cloud Hosted Desktops would be that they are purpose built for remote work. Although the initial intent behind Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVD) was not remote work scenarios, they have fit into this profile exceptionally well during this crisis.

Employees can access their HVDs from the safety of their homes, or from any location other than the physical workplace. All they need is an endpoint device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone and a decent internet connection.

Many recent studies conducted during the pandemic have revealed that the trend of remote work is here to stay. However, we might end up settling into a hybrid workforce model, where some employees would come to the workplace, while others won’t.

Due to their inherent flexibility and versatility, Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) are ideal for such remote work and hybrid workforce scenarios. Employees can even use their personal devices to carry out their work related assignments.

Reduced IT Hardware Footprint

All the deployed Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops are created, stored and maintained centrally in one of the data centers of your cloud provider like dinCloud. As a result, you don’t have to maintain a server or data center setup on-site, unless you decide so.

This reduces your IT hardware footprint significantly, as you also do not need the elaborate support IT hardware that is required to run an on-premise data center smoothly. You also save administrative costs that generally include rent, cooling and on-going maintenance.

Your IT team also does not need to maintain a fleet of physical desktops, which constantly need maintenance, patching and software updates. This will not only reduce the number of in-house IT staff, but they will also be able to focus more on your growth and innovation.

Centralized and Multi Layered Security

When businesses pivoted towards remote workcyber security became a huge challenge because such a mass scale and prolonged remote work was un-heard of before. The security gaps and loopholes in makeshift remote work solutions caused mayhem.

Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops on the other hand reside within highly secure data centers of a Cloud Provider like dinCloud. These data centers are protected by some of the best physical and cyber security controls as well as protocols.

Leading Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like us also extend this security envelope to include your end point devices. We achieve this via Sophos Intercept X for Endpoints and Servers, which is a world renowned solution for endpoint security.

This protection does not end here, as we also offer Barracuda Content Shield (BCS). This is our one stop, fully integrated security solution that lets you make web browsing of your employees safe, traceable and productive.


The benefits of Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops highlighted above, and a few others, come bundled into our single offering called dinHVD. Our cloud solutions are secure, reliable and highly cost efficient, capable of serving your business needs quite effectively.

Contact dinCloud for any further details about our enterprise grade cloud solutions for your business or individual needs.

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