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Enterprises across the globe are using a host of IT infrastructures and architectures. Some of them even have hybrid environments in place, where the workloads keep oscillating from on premise to out sourced solutions.

One thing is for sure though, as reliance of enterprises on the web and associated solutions increases, cyber security is becoming a major pain point. This trend was further confirmed by a recent survey conducted by Gartner.

According to the findings of a Gartner survey on security, it was estimated that by the year 2025, the Board of Directors (BOD) of nearly forty percent organizations will constitute dedicated cyber security committees.

These high powered committees on cyber security will mainly be responsible for one goal only, and that is how to make the existing IT infrastructure secure from both internal vulnerabilities and ever evolving external threats.

From this trend, it is not difficult to infer that these committees will have a lot of say in how an enterprises secures its infrastructure. Although the business model and technology stack of companies varies a lot, security nonetheless remains a common denominator.

We also anticipate a lot of investment in highly intelligent cyber security solutions that can secure multi-tier infrastructures. With a constantly expanding threat landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will play a leading role.

As the research highlights that these cyber security committees will directly be reporting to the Board members, any initiatives that are approved at such a top tier of any organization won’t have to contend with the typical bureaucratic hurdles.

Lastly, when a security initiative trickles down from the top most tier of an enterprise, it is highly likely to find the level of acceptance it deserves across all segments of the organization. When it comes to security, stakes are now very high.

In these times of high certainty, the last thing any business would want is a data or security breach. The study in question underscores the importance of cyber security and it is good to know that this domain is receiving the attention it truly deserves.

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