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With every passing day, we are inching closer to a new calendar year. While 2020 has been a very eventful year so far, it seems the upcoming year 2021 won’t be much different. Businesses across the globe are still in the adjustment and realignment phases.

Key Remote Work Takeaways for 2021

Remote Work – The New Norm

During the entire 2020, if there’s been one trend that has never looked back, its remote work. Previously, what used to be “once in a while” exercise for most employees has now become the new norm.

The quicker businesses and their employees have “adapted” to this trend, the better they have performed amidst these extraordinary circumstances. Remote work has proved a key enabler for businesses to continue mission critical operations during this pandemic.

If remote work has become all that important, why not execute it the proper way. By doing so, you will not only be improving your efficiency, but also ensuring the security and privacy of organizational as well as customer data or information.

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Establish a Sound Remote Work Platform

Now that remote work has become a mainstream trend, you have to stop viewing it as a stop gap arrangement. Therefore, you need to establish a remote work platform on sound footing. It should be capable of handling your existing and future remote work needs.

Among the loads of alternatives out there, Cloud powered remote work solutions are perhaps the best fit. For instance, the Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops offered by dinCloud can prove a sound long term platform for all your remote work needs.

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The Rising Stakes in Security

As remote employees become the norm rather than exception, you will have to completely re-evaluate your existing security protocols. Perhaps the foremost aspect of securing your remote work environment should be identity and access management (IAM).

Then, you will have to evaluate your existing platforms for scenarios where remote employees will be accessing organizational resources over insecure home and public networks. This needs to be achieved without compromising on security.

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Focus on Agility

Have you wondered why remote work has become such a major trend in 2020? Well, the major reason is its inherent agility or flexibility. It offers organizations just the right amount of maneuverability and breathing space in this uncertain environment.

Your remote work platform should also enhance your organizational agility. This is yet another area where cloud solutions such as dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) stand out. You enjoy instant scalability as per your constantly changing needs.

Brace for Surprises

These are times of very high uncertainty and remote work is just one of the effective ways of coping with this global crisis. You should still be well prepared for a few unwelcome surprises and what will matter is your preparedness for such contingencies.

Cloud solutions such as dinHVDs offer exceptional Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) that are built into the service. This provides you strong capability of coping with crisis like situations such as Covid-19.

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Sensitize Remote Employees

The concept of constant and prolonged remote work may be new to most of your on premise employees. You need to sensitize remote employees to remain extra vigilant about security when working remotely. They should be able to identity clear red flags.

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By following the above guidelines, you should be able to navigate through this latest trend. If you incorporate these suggestions, you are quite likely to convert even this crisis into a workable business opportunity.

Contact dinCloud for reliable, secure and cost effective remote work solutions that can be customized to your unique needs.