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Businesses across the globe are looking for new ways to better manage their operations and customer needs. In the prevailing extraordinary circumstances, enterprises are looking for technologies that are agile, flexible and most importantly, cost effective.

Cloud Hosted Desktops will become More Popular in 2021

When we analyze Cloud Hosted Desktops, which are also called Desktop as a Service or DaaS, we find that they tick all the right boxes. For this very reason, it is expected that the popularity of DaaS solutions will drastically rise during the year 2021.

Cloud Hosted Desktop Solutions, such as dinWorkspace, eliminate the need for organizations to maintain on premise data centers. Instead, the infrastructure belongs to a service provider such as dinCloud, which results in saving capital expenditures (CapEx).

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In addition to the above savings, cloud desktops such as dinWorkspace are an ideal platform for remotely working employees. Ever since the pandemic struck, remote work has become the new norm for workforce across the globe.

However, organizations have to give their remote employees safe and reliable access to organizational data and a host of other productivity tools. This feat is easily accomplished by a quality cloud hosted virtual desktop solution.

With a solution such as dinWorkspaces, it becomes quite easy for organizations to implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives. This has a twofold advantage for both remote employees and the enterprises.

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The employees who are Working from Home (WFH) can easily access their workloads by simply logging into their cloud desktop over the internet. Employers on the other hand, benefit from BYOD by saving tons of money that goes into procuring IT hardware.

In addition to the above advantages, Cloud Hosted Desktops make it a breeze to on-board new employees. They don’t even have to be located physically close to the workplace, as all the tasks can be handled over the cloud desktops, which are accessed remotely.

Cloud desktop solutions such as dinWorkspace are also making it incredibly easier for companies to serve their customers in a holistic way. Cloud desktops remain highly immune from unforeseen circumstances such as floods, riots and lockdowns etc.

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As enterprises across the globe start the recovery phase from a devastating pandemic, they will need flexible technologies such as Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops more than ever.

For the above cited reasons, it is expected that adoption rates for cloud desktop solutions such as dinWorkspaces are likely to surge during the year 2021.

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