dinCloud Explains HVD & How It Works

HVD or Hosted Virtual Desktops are the next phase in IT efficiency and productivity gains. Similar to how organizations virtualized servers, HVD refers to the virtualization of the desktop. This illustration below shows how a single server can support multiple virtual desktops.

A virtual desktop provides a Windows Operating system and all the normal applications such as Microsoft Office, however you access it virtually. Normally, this means you connect via a web browser (dinCloud can also provide a virtual instance on a physical device).

what is HVD a quick overview

Now that the hosted virtual desktop is accessible from anywhere – it frees you from the device. For instance, you could come in to the office and use your hosted virtual desktop on a physical machine. Let’s say you are working on a proposal and have a lunch meeting to review it. You could grab your favorite tablet and go over the PowerPoint during lunch. Then, towards the end of the workday, you might be putting the finishing touches on a Word document- but it’s time to go see your kid perform at school so you rush out the door. Later that night, you power up your home computer and log into your hosted virtual desktop. And that’s when you appreciate the convenience and ease of a hosted virtual desktop – the cursor is still blinking at the same spot on the Word document where you left it at work.

In case of heavy or bad weather conditions where you can’t travel to your office, you can make office at home as you aren’t just limited in the brick and mortar office and all you need is to connect to the internet and sign into your HVD. Now that you have connected to your hosted virtual desktop, you have access to all of your data and applications required to run the daily operations as smoothly as in the office premises.

Not only does a hosted virtual desktop provides you with the ease of working form anywhere, giving you anytime access from any device but also helps you reduce costs exponentially by limiting the need for upgrading your device every now and then. You can simply scale up and scale down on the fly whenever needed. dinCloud makes it much easier by providing access to the user through its cloud orchestration portal dinManage where user can login to their environment and upgrade or downgrade resources for their Hosted Virtual desktop as and when required.

Security breaches are increasing day by day and you wouldn’t want to lose your device that contains mission critical business data which makes it easy for the hackers to get a hold of it and hurt your organization’s reputation. A hosted virtual desktop by dinCloud eliminates the chance of security breach not just by adding multiple layers of security but also because the data isn’t stored on the physical machine. All the data reside in the cloud which can be accessed by the user anytime, anywhere through any device so in case of theft or a lost device, the user can simply logon to their HVD and update their passwords to make sure nothing gets breached and the data is all safe and secure.

A hosted virtual desktop or an HVD commonly known as a hosted workspace also helps in various scenarios where multiple organizations when combined together (a merger, acquisition or a hostile takeover) can keep running their business processes and operations easily as all the data resides in the cloud.

DaaS (desktop-as-a-service) or an HVD from dinCloud provides more control, built-in security, and personalization in your ‘workspace’. For instance, a hosted virtual desktop from dinCloud allows each individual to have their own wallpaper as a background and install their own applications. For more, please see Wikipedia Reference.