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What is a HVD (Hosted Virtual Desktop)?

|What is a HVD (Hosted Virtual Desktop)?
What is a HVD (Hosted Virtual Desktop)?2019-06-21T19:57:11+00:00

dinCloud Explains HVD & How It Works

HVD or hosted virtual desktops are the next phase in IT efficiency and productivity gains. Similar to how organizations virtualized servers, HVD refers to the virtualization of the desktop. This illustration below shows how a single server can support multiple virtual desktops.

A virtual desktop provides a Windows Operating system and all the normal applications such as Microsoft Office, however you access it virtually. Normally, this means you connect via a web browser (dinCloud can also provide a virtual instance on a physical device).

Now that the hosted virtual desktop is accessible from anywhere – it frees you from the device. For instance, you could come in to the office and use your hosted virtual desktop on a physical machine. Let’s say you are working on a proposal and have a lunch meeting to review it. You could grab your favorite tablet and go over the PowerPoint during lunch. Then, toward the end of the workday, you might be putting the finishing touches on a Word document- but it’s time to go see your kid perform at school so you rush out the door. Later that night, you power up your home computer and log into your hosted virtual desktop. And that’s when you appreciate the convenience and ease of a hosted virtual desktop – the cursor is still blinking at the same spot on the Word document where you left it at work.

Unlike DaaS, desktop-as-a-service, HVD from dinCloud provides more control, built-in security, and personalization in your ‘workspace’. For instance, a hosted virtual desktop from dinCloud allows each individual to have their own wallpaper as a background and install their own applications.

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