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Be Productive When, Where and How You Like it!
dinCloud is one of the best Cloud Service Providers in the industry. As dinHVD is our flagship cloud offering, you can rest assured that it will not only meet your expectations, but also exceed them with flying colors.


Matchless Windows 10 Experience

dinHVD is a fully virtualized Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop that delivers a seamless Windows 10 desktop experience to our global cloud users. With dinHVD, you will transition from a CapEx model to a purely OpEx model, where you will pay only for what you use.

Reduce OpEx by Up To 55%

That’s not all, with dinHVD as your productivity platform, you will also be able to slash your operating expenses anywhere between 23 to 55%. In today’s competitive world where every dollar counts, this option is simply a no brainer for most.

Multi-Device Compatibility

dinHVD will provide an unprecedented level of freedom to your workforce. Employees will be able to access their cloud-hosted virtual desktops from tablets, laptops and desktops. All you need to get up and running is our dinHVD and an internet connection.

Supports Multiple Operating Systems

The flexibility you can avail with our cloud hosted virtual desktops does not end here. You can access dinHVD through a wide range of devices running on various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android, macOS and iOS.

Best in Class Data Center Footprint

To support our worldwide cloud users, dinCloud has a state of the art global network of data centers. Our data centers are independently certified for some of the best and latest international standards for physical and cyber security of data.

Highest Compliance Standards

The global data centers of dinCloud are fully compliant with HIPAA, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53/FI, PCI DSS, SOC Type I and II, SS 507, SS 567 and TVRA standards of data security. These certifications ensure you don’t face any compliance-related issues with regulators.

Speedy and Seamless Deployment

Depending on your unique needs, dinCloud’s highly skilled cloud professionals will be able to provision the most optimal dinHVDs in a matter of hours, days or few weeks at the most. Our cloud hosted virtual desktops can also be integrated with your existing infrastructure.

24/7/365 Customer Support

dinCloud has some of the best Customer Support in the cloud industry. Our cloud care professionals will guide you along every step of your cloud transition. dinHVDs are a perfect fit for supporting a fully remote workforce, without compromising on productivity. If you have any questions or concerns about dinHVD, feel free to Contact Us and we will get back to you in no time. For more information please visit our Request Information page.