Soon you will walk into your local mega computer store and look around at others with a sense of pity. An irresistible urge will compel you to tell them about dinCloud and the freedom that comes with a dinHVD hosted virtual desktop. Combine this new found freedom with $0 CAPEX, 23-55% OPEX savings, and our device agnostic solutions and it’s a no brainer. Imagine accessing your Windows 7 32/64bit desktop from Apple iPAD, Macintosh, Linux, Windows, tablets, phones, laptops, desktops & more from anywhere in the world over the Internet. You can be online with virtual desktops in a matter of weeks by adding dinHVD to your existing infrastructure in our dedicated public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid model. We solved 65 major problems with 24 key vendors to bring you a virtual desktop that thousands of users enjoy from any of 98 datacenters in 39 cities worldwide every single day. So, why wait?

Access your Hosted Virtual Desktop from Anywhere, at Anytime and from Any device

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