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Millions of businesses heavily rely on the internet for their daily tasks as well as information. The internet has become an integral part of our lives and serves as a ready source of accurate and authentic information.

Barracuda Content Shield – A One Stop Solution to Safe Browsing

However, browsing the web also carries its own risks and vulnerabilities. According to an estimate, nearly 18.5 million websites are infected with malware at any given time. So, it is quite possible that you, or one of your employees may run into one such website.

Then, there is also the issue of your employees indulging in unnecessary web browsing activities, which distracts them and also affects productivity. Browsing the web has both cyber risks and productivity concerns attached to it.

However, as a business, it is next to impossible to completely disallow web browsing to your employees. This is just not possible right now, and even if you do end up doing so, chances are that you are doing more harm than good.

So, is there a solution out there which not only allows your employees to browse the web safely, but also without affecting organizational productivity? Well, this one stop solution is Barracuda Content Shield (BCS) and dinCloud is offering it with its cloud services.

Lets discuss some of the salient features of this product and how exactly does it ensure productive and safe web browsing.

Protection from Malware

By leveraging Advanced DNS and URL filtering, Barracuda Content Shield (BCS) prevents your users from gaining accidental access to malicious content over the web. BCS is also equipped with the ability to scan your endpoint devices for active or dormant threats.

User Groups with Preferences

Another feature of BCS is that it allows you to distribute your users into various groups. Whether its individuals or user groups, you can then define web browsing policies for each one of them, ensuring that browsing is not only safe, but also geared towards productivity.

Easy and Quick Deployment

Barracuda Content Shield does not require deployment of any additional hardware to work. The setup process is simple and does not take more than a few minutes. User management is centralized so that you always have tabs on what your users are browsing.

Protect External Assets

The protection offered by BCS is not limited to just the internal office network. You can extend its scope to include remote employees. This is a great feature these days, as most employees are working from their homes right now.

Global Threat Intelligence

Barracuda Content Shield is integrated with a global threat intelligence ecosystem that constantly gathers and updates data about existing as well as emerging threats. This means you enjoy some of the best possible web browsing protection out there.

Visibility into Endpoints

BCS gives you un-rivaled and centralized visibility into all your endpoint devices. It also identifies user’s devices with outdated operating systems (OS) or security patches. BCS also scans your endpoint devices for any sort of existing malware.


In today’s day and age, shutting down web browsing is just not an option. However, safe and productive web browsing is equally important for any enterprise. So, Barracuda Content Shield is a solution that tackles this issue with a holistic approach.

Being a leading provider of cloud solutions globally, dinCloud has integrated Barracuda Content Shield into its cloud infrastructure. Our existing and prospective users can avail this high quality solution for their cloud environments.

Contact dinCloud for any further details about our best in class cloud solutions or the modalities related to Barracuda Content Shield (BCS). One of our cloud experts will get in touch with you soon.