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Organizations strive to achieve operational efficiency without breaking the bank. In any such initiative, the IT infrastructure of any enterprise will play a decisive part. On top of all that, the needs of a modern workforce are rapidly increasing.

Why DaaS Solutions by dinCloud are the Best Choice for You?

Present day employees want round the clock access to the latest productivity tools. The physical boundaries of organizations are disappearing fast and the world is slowly but surely transitioning towards a remote workforce.

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How to Support Remote Workers?

If an enterprise wants to support a remote workforce, there are many factors that you need to think through. Some of those defining characteristics include ease of access, flexibility of the infrastructure, data security and availability or up-time.

To fulfill all or at least most of the above criteria, you will need an infrastructure that is reliable, secure and delivers a robust performance. Setting up an IT architecture on premises that ticks all the right boxes is a very costly proposition only few can afford.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) – The Perfect Solution

In the above backdrop, consider an IT infrastructure which delivers cloud hosted virtual desktops to your employees. Your workforce will be able to access their assigned virtual desktops (dinHVD) from the safety and comfort of their homes.

All you need to gain access to dinCloud’s virtual desktops is a login device such as a tablet, laptop or desktop PC, login credentials, a web browser and internet connectivity. With the above items on hand, your employees can be productive virtually from anywhere.

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Why dinCloud’s DaaS is the Right Choice?

Now that we have covered the basics of a cloud powered DaaS solution, let’s discuss some of its compelling benefits for your business or enterprise.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

With dinCloud’s DaaS solution, you no longer have to invest in on premises hardware. All the infrastructure over which your cloud hosted virtual desktops (dinHVD) will be delivered shall be the sole responsibility of dinCloud.

Another key advantage of our DaaS solution is that you no longer need to invest in upgrading existing employee devices. As all the processing and workloads will be tackled by dinCloud’s data centers, you can extend the lifespan of existing hardware that’s obsolete.

Standardized Productivity Environment

With our dinHVDs, you will enjoy a uniform productivity environment that is managed centrally. You will no longer have to update or patch individual employee devices, which is a tedious and near impossible task in medium to large organizations.

Flexible Architecture

dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) are a highly flexible option for your enterprise needs. Your employees will be able to access their DaaS environment from a variety of endpoint devices such as desktop, laptop or tablet.

The flexibility does not end here, our DaaS solution is compatible with devices running multiple operating systems. This multi OS support ensures that employees can choose the device platform of their personal preference, thus improving productivity.

Ease of Management with dinManage

To facilitate its valuable cloud users, dinCloud has designed a cloud management portal called dinManage. This is a unified platform that enables you to manage all key aspects of your DaaS solution from a single interface.

dinManage, our state of the art cloud orchestration platform, is both intuitive and user friendly. Through this portal, you will be able to manage user rights, application assignment, scaling and other vital aspects of dinCloud’s DaaS solution.

Data Centrality and Security

Cyber and data security is a very critical aspect of any IT infrastructure. Most organizations lack the human, technical or financial capacity to secure their network from present day cyber threats. These include viruses, malware, ransomware and malicious traffic etc.

At dinCloud, we have an impeccable track record in cyber security. Our global data centers are certified for some of the best international standards for physical and cyber security of data. What this means for you as an end user is that your data is in safe hands.

Another key advantage of DaaS from a security standpoint is centrality of data. In case of DaaS, all your data is securely housed in the data centers of dinCloud, rather than individual employee devices. So, even if an endpoint device is lost or stolen, there is no data loss.

Industry Leading Uptime with dinHVDs

Availability or uptime is a very critical component of any DaaS solution, as it has a direct correlation with employee satisfaction and productivity levels. dinCloud strives for an industry leading uptime in excess of 99%, which is great news for your enterprise.

The greatest advantage of a highly available DaaS solution like dinHVD is that your employees can be productive from wherever they want, over any device they prefer and at any time when they feel at their very best in terms of efficiency.

Readily Scalable Architecture

dinHVDs are an instantly scalable DaaS solution for your ever changing organizational needs. This means that you can provision and decommission our cloud hosted virtual desktop on the fly. Here is the great part, you pay only for what you use.

Why Prefer dinCloud as Your DaaS Provider?

As a leading Cloud Service Provider (CSP), dinCloud has always aimed for the highest standards of cloud services and cyber security. Contact Us for your DaaS needs and our cloud professionals will design a solution that’s best for your unique needs.