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Businesses of all sizes are always striving for efficiency and simplified operations. However, this is a goal that seems elusive for even those organizations that have decent financial resources to fund such initiatives.

5 Compelling Reasons to Adopt Desktop as a Service – DaaS

In fact, it is less about money and more about finding a productivity solution that not only serves existing needs effectively, but is also a promising option for future needs. Well, with Desktop as a Service (DaaS), your search for such a solution pretty much ends.

In this post, we will cover at least five compelling reasons why you should look no further and adopt dinCloud’s DaaS solution for your organizational needs.

Smooth Transition to Windows 10

Microsoft has already discontinued further support for Windows 7, which was the more established and extensively used operating system at the enterprise level. This in turn exposes your organizational data and applications to a lot of vulnerabilities.

With dinCloud’s DaaS solution that we call dinHVD, you will receive a fully virtualized Windows 10 desktop experience. As a result, you will not only be migrating to DaaS, but also achieving the additional benefit of upgrading to Windows 10.

dinHVDs deliver a fully licensed and patched Windows 10 virtual desktop experience. This in turn will ensure a seamless user experience for your employees. Your move to Windows 10 will otherwise improve the security profile of your IT infrastructure.

Transition from CapEx to OpEx Model

When you shift to the DaaS solution by dinCloud, you will in fact be transitioning from the CapEx model to a more predictable and stable OpEx model for IT operations. dinHVDs eliminate the need for you to invest in setting up a data center on premises.

dinHVDs not only spare you the capital expenditure, but also eliminate the administrative hassle of maintaining an elaborate IT infrastructure on premise. Being your Cloud Service Provider (CSP), dinCloud will be responsible for all the underlying hardware.

Further, your operating expenses will not only reduce, but you will also be able to match them with the existing scale of your operations. dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) are billed purely on a usage basis, so you pay only for what you actually use.

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 Improved Security Posture

Cyber security is a major cause for concern these days and cyber attacks are becoming stealthier than ever. In case of a traditional IT infrastructure, your organizational data resides over multiple end point devices that are under the use of employees.

In case one of your employee’s devices is either lost or stolen, you also risk losing valuable data stored over that end point device. With dinCloud’s DaaS service, no organizational data is stored over employee devices.

Instead, all your organizational data is stored safely in dinCloud’s state of the art data centers. Our data centers are certified for some of the cloud industry’s leading international standards for physical and cyber security.

dinHVDs greatly improve your overall security profile by providing centrality of data and also protecting that data using a multi dimensional approach. Further, dinCloud maintains multiple and regular backups of your data in the event of any untoward incident.

Ease of Management

dinCloud’s Desktop as a Service or Virtual Desktops greatly improve your ability of managing the entire IT infrastructure from a single user interface. In case of a traditional architecture, you have to upgrade, patch or update each individual end point device.

With our dinHVDs, that is not at all the case. Any updates or patching only needs to be performed at the data center level, centrally and its effect is passed on to each individual virtual desktop under the use of your organization.

This in turn improves the efficiency and effectiveness with which you can implement upgrades to your existing IT infrastructure. This process is otherwise executed with prior notice to users, at a time when there is zero to minimal disruption.

Employee / End User Productivity

At the end of day, it all boils down to providing employees with a platform that’s flexible, secure and focused on productivity. dinHVDs have the capability to deliver a seamless end user experience, which results in high employee morale and productivity.

The present day workforce is highly demanding when it comes to flexibility and easy access to productivity tools. dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) can be accessed from multiple devices such as tablet, laptop and desktop.

With dinHVDs, the flexibility and ease of access does not end here as employees no longer have to worry about which operating system their login device is running. dinCloud’s DaaS solutions support nearly all mainstream operating systems.

Lastly, with dinCloud’s DaaS services, the productivity of your employees extends way beyond the workplace itself. Your employees enjoy round the clock access to their virtual desktops and other productivity tools from any location whatsoever.

Conclusion about DaaS

dinCloud’s DaaS solution that comes in the form of dinHVD is a highly secure, reliable and productivity oriented solution that has the capability to support a fully remote workforce if required. Our DaaS solution comes with some of the industry’s leading security protocols.

When it comes to a stable and up to date productivity platform over the cloud, dinHVD is a choice you won’t regret. dinCloud offers its DaaS solutions at an industry beating flat rate pricing model, which is an offer too good to ignore.

Please Contact Us for your DaaS needs and dinCloud will deliver a Desktop as a Service solution that not only fulfills your existing needs, but also caters to all your future growth or productivity needs.