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The ongoing pandemic has impacted nearly all sectors of the economy in a major way. In some cases, this health crisis has literally transformed entire industries and sectors in the way they serve customers or deliver their services.

The Pivotal Role of Banking Sector

In any functional economy, a vibrant banking sector is nothing short of its very lifeblood. If this crucial participant of the economy fails to adapt timely and effectively to the new paradigm, the entire financial system may reach a tipping point.

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Effects of Covid-19 on Banking

Banking is one of the hardest hit sectors from the recent pandemic. This crisis has imposed a lot of limitations on both the banking infrastructure and the customers, resulting in the dire need for a secure and viable alternative.

Banking and Legacy Systems

The banking sector is one of the most heavily regulated sectors of the economy. Billions of dollars move digitally across the globe over a multitude of online banking channels every day. This involves data and transactions of a super sensitive nature.

Due to the sensitivity of data, coupled with stringent regulations, most banks across the globe were relying on in house legacy IT infrastructures when this pandemic took the world by surprise. As a result, most such banks were in capacitated to offer a seamless service.

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The Disparate Use of Cloud in Banking

According to a recent study, an overwhelming 85% of institutions associated with banking and finance relied on some sort of cloud service. The problem area however was the lack of integration of these cloud solutions with their core banking systems.

This greatly marginalized the otherwise tremendous potential of cloud solutions in the banking sector. To reap the true benefits of the cloud, banking and financial institutions need to embrace the cloud as a holistic solution.

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Rising Trend of Online and Branchless Banking

While the major impact of the pandemic is subsiding with every passing day, it has been observed that people using innovative digital banking services no longer want to revert to the traditional, in person or branch banking.

Another surprising trend is that this inclination is not limited only to the younger age group. Interestingly, the relatively senior citizens have also acclimatized themselves with digital banking solutions. So, there is an across the board shift towards online banking.

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The Cloud and Online Banking Services

Cloud powered solutions, such as the ones offered by dinCloud are naturally suited to the needs of online banking services. The greatest benefit of a cloud provider (CSP) like dinCloud is that you get a blanket service infrastructure under one roof.

Cloud Powered Customer Service

In the banking sector, customer experience is very essential. Most banking related problems or queries are of urgent nature. Imagine a customer who wants to report a lost or stolen credit card, as every minute that passes raises the risks of its misuse.

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With Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) by dinCloud, your customer service staff can be connected seamlessly to the core banking network that manages all back end banking. In this way, you will be able to serve customers round the clock from anywhere.

Even if your employees can’t show up at the bank due to some contingency, the customer experience won’t suffer the least bit. The customer is less worried about the banking service and more concerned about the time it took to avail that service.

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Cloud Servers Power Digital Banking

To handle the massive load of online banking, why not transfer your banking operations to Cloud Hosted Virtual Servers of dinCloud. You will not only enjoy supreme performance, but also a highly secure infrastructure for sensitive financial records.

dinCloud’s global data centers comply with HIPAA, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53/FI, PCI DSS, SOC Type I and II, SS 507, SS 567 and TVRA. These are some of the best international standards for privacy and security of sensitive data such as banking records.

Banking Databases over Cloud Infrastructure

The last important segment of the online banking deliver channel is massive customer databases. Legacy IT infrastructures at banks often collapse under extreme load or fail to deliver the level of performance today’s users of online banking channels expect.

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This gap is also bridged easily by dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Database solutions. With some of the industry’s best database management protocols over the cloud, your online banking users will enjoy blazing fast speeds and unmatched performance over the cloud.


The cloud is a highly suitable vehicle for delivering online banking services in a seamless manner. Instead of employing patches of cloud services in the banking infrastructure, banks need to adopt the cloud as a whole to achieve a reliable and secure environment.

Contact dinCloud for our best in class Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD), Virtual Servers and Virtual Database Solutions and you’ll need to look no further.