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Businesses across the globe constantly strive for a specific idea, product or service to become an instant success. When that actually happens and it’s time for rapid growth, the technology is not up to speed in most cases and the opportunity may be lost.

10 Ways the Cloud Acts as a Driver of Growth

The Cloud as a Growth Engine

With cloud computing technologies such as dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD), this will no longer be the case. As soon as your product, service or idea goes “viral”, you will have a sound technology platform to fully support rapid growth.

Let’s highlight a few aspects of the cloud which make it an engine for business growth:-

Higher Productivity

With the cloud by your side, your productivity extends beyond the office premises and the conventional working hours. If you have the drive and motivation, cloud technologies enable you to remain productive from any location, at any hour.

Lower IT Overheads

Cloud technologies minimize most of the IT overheads by eliminating the need for on premise hardware. You can also do away with dedicated IT staff as most cloud providers (CSP) liked dinCloud offer dedicated, round the clock Customer Support.

Capitalize on PaaS

Platform as a Service or PaaS allows you to access state of the art development environments and tools for a nominal charge. Your business can harness this potential into innovative ideas and services.

Ease with Automation

Cloud technologies allow you to automate tasks and processes of a recurring nature. This frees up your time and energies to focus on things that really matter. With cloud based automation tools, you can easily attain accuracy, efficiency and standardization.

Improved Collaboration

Cloud powered collaboration tools enable your workforce to identify tasks, assign and monitor them effectively. Cloud native collaboration platforms also enhance coordination and timely completion of tasks or projects.

Work Flexibility

The concept of fixed working hours is disappearing in many industries and the focus is now shifting towards productivity. The cloud provides a highly available and consistent productivity platform so that you work whenever and wherever you feel most productive.

Cost Savings

The cloud eliminates a major chunk of your IT overheads. You can avail additional benefits from the cloud by tapping into many free resources such as cloud based storage, productivity tools and applications.

Remote Employees

Cloud powered services are highly suitable for remote employees. This allows you to engage the best human talent, regardless of physical location. Remote employees otherwise tend to put minimal burden on organizational resources.

Ease of Expansion

The cloud allows for a rapid business expansion. You can instantly setup operations at a location that may be thousands of miles away from your company headquarters. With cloud technologies, on boarding new employees may be just a few clicks away.

Instant Scalability

With the cloud, you don’t have to procure any additional hardware resources when you are in the expansion phase. All you have to do is scale up your cloud service(s) to meet the growth needs and the same holds equally true when you may be scaling down operations.


Cloud powered technologies, such as dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD), Virtual Servers and Virtual Databases are at an arm’s length to fully support the growing needs of your expanding business.

It is often said that “seeing is believing”. To gauge the true potential of the cloud and the role cloud powered services can play in expanding your business, please feel free to Contact Us for a 14 Days Free Trial