Geography is something IT managers have had to fight for years, in that your experience is only as good as the speed and proximity you have to the data you’re trying to access. Keeping things in 1 datacenter or neat tidy piles isn’t consonant with how humans behave (naturally erratic, distributed, and mobile). If we could be a bit more static, then implementing, managing, upgrading and protecting our data would be so much easier! Fortunately, Cloud changes everything. Hosted virtual desktops (“HVD”) are now just as fast as the PC in front of you but free you up from the underlying hardware and allow you to use anything from anywhere to access everything you’ve got. The trend I’ve seen is dinCloud’s users worldwide are creating content on HVD’s but consuming it via tablets (android, iPad).

That meant too that as a Cloud Provider, we had to adapt our services to do things like allow users to get to Cloud File Shares connected to their HVD’s from their blackberry, android, iPhone/iPad devices without having to login to HVD’s just to show their buddy or business associate that video file, PowerPoint, excel, or word document they wanted. So while virtualization frees you from underlying hardware, Cloud lets you scale to any geography and be truly mobile. Plus in addition to Server Hosted Virtual Desktops (“SHVD”) we now have Client Hosted Virtual Desktops (“CHVD”) for those times when you aren’t connected to Cloud and need to work isolated/offline but want to sync to Cloud when you do have Internet or other connectivity.

At, we’ll continue to make a dizzying array of improvement to servers, desktops, apps, voice, video and more in the Cloud. And so the world turns.

For more information on our Hosted Virtual Desktop, please visit our Hosted Virtual Desktop page or request information to speak with a cloud specialist.