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The needs of the modern workspace are evolving really quickly. Organizational processes and workloads are transgressing the physical boundaries of the workplace and geographies. Now, one of your crucial team members may be based in another continent altogether.


Does this mean we simply lay back and consider bridging this gap impossible or leave ourselves at the mercy of insecure platforms? If we look at it from a strategic standpoint, none of the above two options is feasible.

Where Does the Cloud Fit In?

To give your physically dispersed employees secure real time access to organizational data, mission critical processes or enterprise grade productivity tools, you need a technology that is capable of bridging these gaps without compromising on performance or security.

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This is exactly where innovative solutions offered by Cloud Service Provider (CSP) dinCloud fit in the whole picture. Imagine a desktop virtualization technology that delivers cloud hosted virtual desktops right to your fingertips.

You may be wondering, even if I get hold of such a technology, how will I be able to access it and harness its power. Well, the Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) offered by dinCloud are compatible with many devices simultaneously.

Whether you have access to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or another desktop, you can instantly access our dinHVDs so long as you have the internet. dinHVDs also liberate you from the worries of operating system (OS) compatibility.

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dinCloud’s highly capable Virtual Desktops can be accessed over employee devices running Windows, Linux, Android or iOS, which pretty much covers all the mainstream operating systems (OS) out there.

The moment you login to dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktop (dinHVD), you will enjoy instant access to your data, applications and software. You can pick up right from where you left off in the previous login session.

Instead of using the storage and processing resources of your login device, dinHVD will leverage state of the art cloud infrastructure of dinCloud to handle your workloads. This not only protects your data, but also delivers a consistent end user experience (UX).

With dinHVDs, manage your entire virtual desktop fleet from a single management console, dinManage. It is a highly intuitive and user friendly cloud management portal that gives you the autonomy to manage your dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops.

The process of on boarding new employees has never been easier with dinHVDs. Just provision a new HVD with a few clicks, give the necessary access rights to data and applications and voila, your new employee is fully on board.

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In a traditional IT environment, you can’t imagine onboarding new talent with this ease and at such a rapid pace. dinHVDs play a pivotal role in making your organization agile and responsive to the ever changing business landscape.

In the case of Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD), all the underlying cloud infrastructure is owned, managed, upgraded and secured by your Cloud Service Provider (CSP) such as dinCloud.

dinHVDs enable you to seamlessly transition from a CapEx driven IT infrastructure model to a purely OpEx model. In the case of cloud services, the greatest bit is that you pay only for the resources you actually use, eliminating cost and operational inefficiencies.

Your business and IT infrastructure needs will constantly change with the dynamic business environment and varying business cycles. In this situation, you simply can’t afford a long term commitment to IT infrastructure that will otherwise become obsolete soon.

dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) add a whole new dimension to your organization’s IT infrastructure by providing instant scalability. Now, scaling your IT needs up or down to sync with business cycles is a few clicks and moments away.

With dinCloud’s services, you get organizational data, processes, workloads, applications and software all bundled into a unified package in the form of dinHVD. Enjoy a seamless Windows 10 Virtual Desktop experience and be productive on your terms.

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The mere thought of being productive from any device, location and at any time is liberating in itself. dinHVDs can better align your organization with the ever changing business landscape and remain ahead of the competition.

Feel free to Contact Us on ways you can leverage dinCloud’s industry leading Cloud Hosted Solutions to gain the competitive edge you’ve always wanted.