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The current business environment is super competitive. Geographical boundaries are diminishing and even a small business may have to compete with global players. In any economy though, small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) are very crucial.

It is a widely accepted fact that SMBs are the backbone of any economy. They drive constant innovation and play a crucial role to balance the otherwise unequal distribution of wealth. Many large corporations of today were once only SMBs.

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Role of Technology in Businesses

It is becoming impossible to manage even a small to medium sized business without leveraging technology. The use of modern technology simplifies operations and brings along cost efficiencies, which improve the overall competitiveness of a business.

The Cloud and SMBs

Large corporations have ample financial and human resources to choose the technology platform of their choice. They can even afford the luxury of experimenting with a few technologies before implementing one at a mass scale.

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) on the other hand can’t afford such misadventures. They need a technology that’s flexible and capable of meeting their existing and future growth needs. Let’s discuss what makes Cloud the go to option for SMBs.

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Elimination of Entry Barriers

The most difficult part for any startup or SMB is competing with the already established players in the respective industry. Large corporations have a large pool of resources at their disposal, which is not available to most SMBs.

The cloud eliminates the initial entry barrier by removing the disparity of access to the best technology. State of the art infrastructure of Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud is readily available to SMBs, with no large upfront investment or fixed costs.

Flexible Work Environment and Hours

The cloud allows SMBs access to data and productivity tools irrespective of time and place. This makes it possible for the staff of SMBs to avail flexible working hours and remain productive whether in the office, home or while travelling.

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On Boarding Remote Employees

Most SMBs can’t afford to pay and facilitate on premise staff, as it increases overheads exponentially. The cloud enables SMBs to on board remote employees which can be paid a lesser compensation. Remote employees also don’t require a formal working space.

Data Security

Small to medium businesses (SMBs) do not have the requisite financial and human resources to secure their networks and data. By leveraging a CSP like dinCloud, data privacy and security is taken care of by the cloud provider.

Unified Productivity Environment

Coordination is the key to success of any new business. The cloud facilitates this requirement by providing a uniform and real time connected working environment. This eliminates the need for to and fro sharing of office documents and saves valuable time.

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Instant Scalability

Most SMBs fail to capitalize on the expansion phase due to their inability to scale up when an idea gains success. With the cloud, SMBs get instant scalability so that they can adjust their cloud services based on their ever changing business needs or cycles.

Cost Efficiencies

Saving every precious dollar is important for SMBs. The cloud brings cost related efficiencies in many ways. It firstly eliminates the need for having on premise IT infrastructure. The cloud is also conducive to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.

Global Outreach

With the cloud and the right product or service, an SMB can tap a global audience without a corresponding burden on resources. The global data centers of a capable cloud provider like dinCloud enable you to expand your business operations across the globe.

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Access to Enterprise Grade Tools

Over the cloud, even SMBs can now access the world’s leading enterprise grade productivity software solutions and applications. These were previously reserved only for the large enterprises that could pay a hefty up front price.

The cloud has made it possible even for SMBs to access the very tools used by large companies. This improves the competitiveness of SMBs when pitched against resourceful big companies. Cloud native apps and software can be availed for a nominal usage fee.


The cloud is nothing short of a lifeline for small and medium sized businesses. Cloud technologies like dinHVD bring SMBs at par with large enterprises in terms of capability, capacity and technology infrastructure.

If you are also a small to medium sized startup that’s looking for a robust, secure and scalable cloud provider, look for further than dinCloud. We offer Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops, Servers and Databases, all under one roof.