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Organizational processes are constantly moving towards flexibility. This trend does not stop merely at this level, rather workforce needs are also rapidly changing. Remote work is now becoming the norm rather than exception.

Factors that Make Desktop as a Service (DaaS) a Potent Technology

Then, there is increasing competition in the business world that’s constantly prompting key decision makers to curtail costs and improve efficiency. At first glance, the co existence of both these priorities may seem impossible but there is a technology that has answers.

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Growth of the DaaS & VDI Markets

According to a recent study by Gartner, the size of the infrastructure market to run VDI software stood at $7.5 BN in 2019. For the corresponding period, the size of DaaS software market was $5 BN.

The study also observed a growth rate of over 11% in the spending on both the DaaS infrastructure side as well as the DaaS software side. This growth rate outperforms the growth in the overall IT spending, pointing towards a shift towards DaaS.

Why Choose DaaS over On Premise IT Infrastructure?

In this post, we will highlight some of the key factors that make DaaS a highly viable and suitable cloud technology platform to power the IT infrastructure of your organization, regardless of size or industry.

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Unified Management

In a traditional IT environment, you may have hundreds or even thousands of physical desktops. You need a dedicated team of IT personnel that constantly maintains, updates, patches and upgrades these physical machines.

With DaaS solutions such as dinHVD that’s offered by dinCloud, you can avail a centralized management pane. Every virtual desktop that you have deployed in your organization can be monitored, patched and updated from a single interface.

This capability of DaaS does not stop at the virtual desktop level, rather it extends to your cloud native corporate applications and software as well. The process of assigning, updating and patching of DaaS powered apps in performed from a centralized interface.

Freedom from Hardware Management

With a DaaS solution such as dinHVD, you no longer have to maintain the underlying hardware resources powering your virtual desktops and applications. Your Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud will be responsible for all the hardware management.

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Reduced On Boarding Times

DaaS greatly improves the time it takes to on board new employees. Unlike the provisioning and preparing of a physical PC for a new employee, all you need to do is assign a virtual desktop with the necessary access to data, applications and productivity tools.

Unrivalled Data Security and Privacy

The DaaS solution offered by dinCloud in the form of dinHVD eliminates the need for storing organizational data on employee’s endpoint devices. Instead, data storage is confined to the highly secure data centers of dinCloud.

According to a recent Forbes article, almost 41% cases of data breach recorded between 2005 and 2015 were due to lost employee devices. In DaaS, no data is stored or processed over an employee’s device, greatly reducing the risks around privacy and security.

dinCloud’s DaaS offering allows you to manage user’s access to data, applications and processes over the cloud. So, you give access to enterprise data strictly on a need basis, immensely improving privacy and protection of intellectual property.

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Take BYOD Initiatives with Ease

Present day employees are highly inclined towards the use of personal devices. They further need access to productivity tools over multiple devices simultaneously. A quality DaaS solution such as dinHVD makes Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) possible.

BYOD initiatives are not only preferred by your employees, rather they also curtail your IT overheads by reducing the number of physical devices to manage. Without the secure perimeter of DaaS, BYOD was neither feasible nor secure.

Superior User Experience (UX) and Efficiency

A DaaS solution such as dinHVD by dinCloud delivers a highly available, flexible, secure and seamless end user experience (UX) to your employees. Round the clock secure access to productivity resources over the device of your preference is indeed a blessing.

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This enables employees to execute organizational tasks when, where and however they feel most productive. A seamless DaaS experience improves employee morale and retention rates, which ultimately translates into improved operational efficiency.


The benefits of DaaS are indeed multifold. It is imperative though that you choose the right Cloud Provider (CSP) among the crowded space and properly plan your transition to DaaS. The reliable and secure DaaS solutions by dinCloud tick all the right boxes.

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