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The Desktop as a Service (DaaS) market has been showing consistent growth over the past few years. This trend was further accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic that originated around the November of 2019.

A recent study that was conducted by Orbis Research has forecast strong growth in the global demand for DaaS solutions. Based on the research company’s predefined criteria, the report has also ranked global DaaS providers to facilitate the selection process.

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Salient Features of Orbis Research Report

The research report covers a period that falls between 2020 and 2027. While it’s difficult to forecast growth trends with high accuracy over a relatively longer timespan, it’s the reasons that are prompting faster adoption of DaaS that interest us.

Support for Remote Work

This has been one of the crowning jewels of DaaS solutions. With the full onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of businesses globally had to look for viable technology solutions that could support remote work.

DaaS providers like dinCloud filled this gap by providing fully virtualized Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD). By deploying DaaS, thousands of businesses were able to support remotely working employees.

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Ease of Management via dinManage Portal

A key reason why dinCloud was graded as the top DaaS provider by Orbis researchers was dinManage. It is dinCloud’s in house Cloud Management Portal that enables its DaaS users to manage all vital aspects of their cloud environment from a single interface.

dinManage was also recently revamped to offer an integrated “Marketplace”. It was a one stop solution for its DaaS users to add additional Hosted Virtual Desktops or any other cloud resources offered by dinCloud.

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Secure Work from Home Environment

Another reason behind the rapid growth of DaaS is that it’s a very robust and secure platform to support employees that Work from Home (WFH). With DaaS solutions like dinHVD, remote employees have seamless access to data and applications.

The research report rates DaaS as a robust and secure technology stack to support prolonged WFH scenarios, like the one that has been imposed by a pandemic of global proportions in the form of Covid-19.

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Enhanced Data Security

DaaS solutions like dinHVD also help organizations overcome a major pain point, and that’s the challenge of dispersed data across employee devices. With DaaS, this issue never arises from the word go, as no enterprise data is stored over employee’s endpoint devices.

Instead, all your data and applications are stored securely in the data centers of the DaaS provider such as dinCloud. To further enhance data security, regular backups of this data are obtained and retained at physically dispersed locations for assured recovery.

Readily Scalable Solution – DaaS

Orbis Research has also declared the instant scalability of DaaS a compelling factor for adoption. Top DaaS providers like dinCloud enable users to instantly scale their environment up or down, depending on the varying business needs.

To scale up any on premise virtualization environment like VDI, your organization may need to provision additional hardware resources. In extraordinary and uncertain circumstances that we are facing during the pandemic, this may not be possible at all or too risky.

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The research by Orbis paints a very promising outlook for the future of Desktop as a Service solutions. When outsourcing your infrastructure and productivity needs to a Cloud Service Provider (CPS), choose the best in the business, such as dinCloud.

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