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Desktop as a Service or DaaS is one of the most effective means of delivering Virtualized Desktops. It is particularly effective in cases where most of your workforce is physically dispersed, or the bulk of your employees Work from Home (WFH).

DaaS solutions are also particularly useful in unforeseen circumstances, such as the Covid-19 pandemic. In extraordinarily restrictive environments like this, you normally are not in a position to ramp up your in house resources due to certain limitations.

Minimal IT Management

In case of DaaS, you will need bare minimum IT staff to manage your technology infrastructure. Your IT personnel will only be managing the end user level tasks, such as setup or configuration related matters.

On Premise Data Centers not Necessary

DaaS also relieves your business from setting up and maintaining an expensive data center on premise. Instead, your DaaS provider like dinCloud will be managing the data center related hardware and support infrastructure.

DaaS is Cost Efficient

When you migrate to DaaS, you shift from a CapEx model to a purely OpEx one. You will pay your DaaS provider such as dinCloud only for the computing resources that you actually use. CSPs like dinCloud offer DaaS solutions that are priced transparently as well.

Lowest Risks to Data

No business can afford losing its valuable data, whether it’s a small enterprise or a large one. A major risk originates when your data is stored over employee devices. In case of DaaS, none of your data is stored over employee devices and this greatly reduces risks.

Access Management

Leading DaaS providers like dinCloud enable your business to manage who gets access to which data and how. Our dinHVDs are equipped with Two Factor Authentication (2FA) that greatly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your data over the cloud.

Implement BYOD with Ease

With a reliable and secure DaaS provider like dinCloud, you can easily implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives for your business. This will reduce your IT overheads and may even improve employee productivity, as most of them prefer their own devices.

Deploy Anywhere in Minutes

A quality DaaS solution such as dinHVD gives you the freedom to deploy Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops anywhere. All you have to do is provision new HVDs from your DaaS provider and assign them to the relevant users, wherever they may be based.

Ideal for Work from Home (WFH)

Under the present pandemic related circumstances, WFH is becoming mainstream. DaaS can serve as a secure and reliable platform to sustain critical business operations by giving your remote employees seamless access to virtual desktops, applications and data.

Unrivaled Flexibility

A quality DaaS solution gives your business unmatched flexibility. Your employees can access their dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops over a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC, so long as there’s internet around.

Scale Up or Down on the Fly

DaaS gives you the freedom to ramp up your IT resources or scale them down with ever changing business cycles. This can be achieved with zero to minimal changes to your existing on premise IT hardware resources.


The above key differentiators make DaaS a great alternative to VDI and other on premise IT infrastructures. It is vital however that you choose a DaaS provider that has the resources and skillset to meet your existing as well as future business needs.

Contact dinCloud for your Desktop as a Service (DaaS) needs and one of our cloud experts will reach out to you soon.