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We are at the verge of closing a very eventful year. This entire calendar year has been filled with unprecedented challenges and opportunities as well. No matter how you see it, one thing is for sure though, change has been the mantra for this entire year.

Going into 2021, Why Should Digital Transformation be a Top Priority?

Enterprises that have braced themselves for this change and adapted to the “new normal” have added a lease of new life to them. However, it is never too late and this post is about the reasons why digital transformation should be your top priority going into 2021.

What is Digital Transformation?

Lets first clear a grave misperception about digital transformation. Most organizations confuse it with the haphazard adoption of one digital system in isolation, say a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution and start expecting too much from it alone.

Well, digital transformation is the “strategic” adoption and implementation of digital technologies in a way that not only adds value to the end customers, but all the other key stakeholders as well.

If some or most of the above prerequisites of any digital transformation initiative are met, only then can you expect as an enterprise to reap the true benefits of any such step. Lets dive into some specifics of how a digital transformation should look like.

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Streamlined Processes

Any organization’s end product or service is an intricate mix of many individual processes. A well conceived digital transformation plan should streamline your existing processes and minimize the drag at various levels of the entity.

Improved Productivity

Organizational productivity is a key performance indicator (KPI) of how well a digital transformation plan has been conceived and then implemented. So, any such initiative must result in enhanced organizational productivity.

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Elevate Customer Experience

The end goal of any organization, big or small, is to meet and exceed customer expectations. In today’s technology driven era, this is largely made possible only by leveraging digital technologies such as the Cloud.

Improved Employee / End User Experience

For the best results, consider your employees as customers of the infrastructure you have provided them with. You need to implement digital transformation in such a way that it ends up improving the end user experience (UX) of your employees.

Mitigate Business Continuity (BC) Challenges

Take the example of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has posed serious BC challenges for businesses across the globe. Any sound digital transformation initiative should mitigate your BC challenges, so that mission critical processes can remain uninterrupted.

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Cost Reduction

Digital technologies such as the Cloud truly possess the in-built potential to reduce your costs, whether its capital expenses (CapEx) or operating overheads (OpEx). Any reduction that you can attain on your costing side will ultimately enhance your viability.

Workforce Enablement

The ongoing pandemic has completely changed the environment in which your workforce would typically function and collaborate. So, any digital transformation should be focused on taking your workforce enablement to a whole new level.

Enhanced Security

As more and more of your operations go digital, securing your digital assets from internal vulnerabilities and external threats should be a major consideration. Take the example of the Cloud, where your enterprise data is protected via multi-layered security.

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Digital Collaboration

This is a relatively new domain that has been necessitated by the prolonged remote work scenario thrust upon us by this pandemic. Any digital transformation mechanism should have some means of digital collaboration and interaction among the stakeholders.


While the concept of digital transformation is not entirely new, its importance for enterprises has drastically increased in the post pandemic environment. Digital technologies such as the Cloud are ready to be tapped instantly.

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