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In the year 2020, the world around us has changed to a great extent. Exceptions have become the norm and vice versa. To survive and thrive in such extra ordinary circumstances, you also need technologies that can rise to the challenge.

Areas Where the Cloud Can Prove a Game Changer

From a technological standpoint, we have made tremendous progress over the past two decades. While the Covid-19 pandemic has not rolled back all this progress, it has certainly imposed limiting factors, and we need to figure a way around these to move ahead.

In this post, we will briefly highlight some domains where cloud powered technologies, such as dinCloud Hosted Workspaces or dinCloud Hosted Virtual Servers can prove to be a game change altogether.

Big Data Management via Cloud

Today, we find ourselves in a very data driven world. Not only is vast amounts of data being generated each day, it is also becoming a daunting challenge to manage this data effectively. This is where the Cloud comes in to fill the gap.

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On premise legacy data management systems can’t simply cope with the sheer scale at which data now needs to be stored and analyzed. With the immense storage and compute of the cloud however, managing big data is a lot more manageable than before.

Aerospace Data Analysis

By now, we have already invested billions of dollars into aerospace systems. Whether its state of the art satellites orbiting the earth or missions to Mars, space has a lot of things that still need to be unlocked.

The Cloud is a very capable platform for both storing and analyzing the vast sums of data being generated by aerospace systems. Take the example of Covid-19, which has drastically changed the data being generated about Earth from the space.

Analysis of this data can reveal valuable insights about how this pandemic has impacted us at a global magnitude. This valuable data can also enable us to cope better with this pandemic and similar unforeseen circumstances. We can prepare well in advance.

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Unrivaled Access to Data over Cloud

The Cloud is one ecosystem where you can give unmatched access to data, regardless of the physical location of the person or entity accessing this data. This ability to access data over the Cloud, regardless of where its stored, can become a source of super efficiency.

As our data set available over the Cloud grows in size, it has the potential to reveal much more reliable and broad based insights. Some of the most notable examples include pattern recognition, change detection and identification of anomalies or trends in advance.

Real Time Intelligence

The possibilities with data over the Cloud do not end merely at analysis. Instead, we can generate real-time intelligence by leveraging and analyzing the vast amounts of data that’s available over the cloud.

A classic example of this scenario is providing firefighters with real time intelligence about wild fires or related catastrophes. Having access to all this data can not only save precious lives, but also save us millions of dollars in preventing loss to infrastructure.

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With the Cloud, the possibilities are literally endless. The real question is, are you prepared to leverage the cloud to your benefits and derive a competitive edge out of all this? If the answer’s in the yes, then rest assured that the Cloud has a lot to offer.

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