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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to re-design their processes overnight. Enterprises that were initially reluctant to adapt have now been compelled to do so, as the situation is posing existential challenges.

How is the Cloud Mitigating Pandemic Induced Disruptions?

Adapting to the post pandemic business environment is no more a choice, rather it has become a necessity. The future sustainability and viability of organizations will hinge on how tactfully and head-on they embrace digital transformation.

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Cloud Computing – A Technology that Stands Out

As soon as businesses realize that being a silent spectator to this changing world is not an option, they start prospecting for technologies. This pandemic has exposed many limitations that are unique to having on premise technology infrastructures.

Secondly, as the cyber security profile of Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud stands the test of time, the argument of weak security over the Cloud automatically fades away. With security woes out of the way, the Cloud stands out among the available options.

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Fast Track Digitalization

Unlike a digital transformation initiative that takes place under normal circumstances, time is of the essence right now. Furthermore, with a lot of time already lost to disruptions and lockdowns, organizations already find themselves lagging behind the curve.

Cloud services such as the ones being offered by dinCloud enable a fast track digitalization. You not only have a wide array of cloud services to choose from, these can also be tweaked or customized to meet your unique digital transformation needs in no time.

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Support a Fully Remote Workforce

Over the past few months, remote work has rapidly emerged as the “new normal”. While the idea of mass scale and prolonged remote work may not seem intimidating at first glance, it is indeed a challenge in the present extraordinary circumstances.

Cloud solutions such as dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) or Servers on the other hand, are custom built for remote work scenarios. The Cloud provides seamless access to enterprise data and productivity tools to a fully remote workforce.

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Organizational Agility

Cloud resources such as Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) or Virtual Servers can be accessed by remote employees round the clock from any location, whether it’s the workplace, home or somewhere else.

This greatly improves your agility as an organization as you are able to keep mission critical processes up and running even in the most disruptive circumstances. This also improves your capability to serve customers and partners much more effectively.

Another aspect of cloud technologies that is directly linked to organizational agility is that cloud solutions such as dinHVDs are instantly scalable. This enables you to deploy and de-provision productivity resources based on your changing needs in real time.

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Standardized Infrastructure

As and when organizations expand, whether its in terms of operations or geographies, the need for a standardized infrastructure becomes more important than ever. Cloud technologies such as the ones offered by dinCloud offer this very standardization.

Whether you commission a dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktop at your Europe office or Latin America, its specifications and End User Experience (UX) will be exactly the same. This results in a standardized technology infrastructure across the whole enterprise.

Say you want to integrate an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software into your Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVD), and at various locations. Over the cloud, this will need a central deployment, rather than physically updating each individual machine.

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Among the various technology alternatives out there, the Cloud stands out from the lot due to its inherent flexibility and agility. To round off these capabilities, there is the added benefit of a highly predictable cost model and you have a great package at hand.

Contact dinCloud for best in class cloud solutions that can truly mitigate the challenges and limitations being imposed by Covid-19.