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The ongoing pandemic has completely changed how we get our work done. Remote work is the new norm and in this situation, the need for remote collaboration has become a very critical component.

Cisco Webex – An Overview and Pros n Cons

Virtual collaboration and interaction is a complex undertaking in its own, and most of us are still in the process of fully adapting to this new trend altogether. Furthermore, the situation is further complicated when you add the element of security and flexibility.

The demand for online as well as cloud based meeting, conferencing and collaboration platforms has skyrocketed since Covid-19, and things are showing no signs of slowing down in the near future.

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Intro to Cisco Webex

This company that we see today is in fact a combination of two different entities in the tech sector. If we sum up this collaboration, then the technology side of these solutions comes from WebEx, while the hardware backbone is provided by Cisco Systems.

In the year 2007, Cisco Systems acquired what was then known as WebEx to form Cisco Webex. Now, this company is a leading provider and seller of web conferencing as well as video conferencing solutions.

Suite of Cloud based Collaboration Tools

As highlighted earlier, Cisco Webex offers a broad based suite of cloud powered collaboration tools. The most notable of these include Webex Meetings, Webex Teams and Webex Devices.

Let’s briefly discuss what each of these individual tools can be used for in a day to day business setting.

Webex Teams

This is a cloud powered application that is mainly used for collaboration among remotely working employees. Its key features include video meetings, white boarding, file sharing as well as messaging. You can also avail a virtual meeting room.

Webex Meetings

As the name suggests, this is a cloud based online meeting solution by Cisco Webex. Some of the most notable features of Webex Meetings include customizable layouts, screen sharing, meeting recording as well as broadcasting of virtual meetings.

Webex Devices

This element of Cisco Webex primarily provides the supporting hardware that can come in handy during cloud powered online meetings. You get very useful hardware such as cameras, codecs, microphones and speakers for seamless virtual communication.

What Powers Cisco Webex

The cloud is one of the greatest elements of the solutions being offered by Cisco Webex. As it is a cloud powered platform, you get all the flexibility and agility that’s typically associated with the Cloud.

Benefits of Webex Solutions

  • Support for HD video, and audio can be sourced from your phone or computer.
  • Multiple end user devices are supported and you can also switch devices during use.
  • File sharing is fully supported, along with availability of content sharing extensions.
  • You can also record your calls for record and future referencing.
  • Participants can enjoy chat and screen sharing features, which are very helpful.
  • Enhanced security features, where end to end encryption is also offered.

Drawbacks of Webex Solutions

  • This solution is costlier than some other competing online collaboration platforms.
  • According to some users, the system menu and user interface are not that friendly.
  • If you connect over non Webex platforms, you may experience audio issues.
  • Transitioning from legacy Webex platforms to this cloud based version is cumbersome.

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Regardless of its few drawbacks, the Cisco Webex is a very welcome addition to the cloud based collaboration landscape. This gives end users ample choices and such service providers are constantly trying to woo more users by offering innovations.

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