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Cloud computing technologies are delivering multiple benefits to organizations that deploy them. Among the different technologies at your disposal, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI is a very potent solution for your needs.

VDI for your Organization Key Points

What is VDI?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI is a cloud based technology you can use to deploy virtualized desktops and applications. In this post, we will cover some key aspects of VDI, use cases and benefits as well.

How VDI Works?

In VDI, you typically setup a large data center that has ample storage and processing power to meet your existing and near future needs. This large repository of storage and compute is then split into smaller chunks using specialized virtualization software.

Now that you have smaller segments of computing resources at your disposal, you can distribute them over a large number of users. Over these segmented portions, you create fully virtualized instances of desktop PCs that have virtualized storage, RAM and CPU.

In theory, a virtual desktop or VM functions quite similar to your physical desktop PC, with the key difference that it exists and runs over a data center. The virtual desktop and end user are physically separated, thus expanding the possible use cases.

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How are Virtual Desktops Delivered?

Now that you have created fully virtualized instances of desktops over your data center, you need a mechanism that serves these VMs to prospective end users. In case the VDI is set up at a localized level, the deploying entity’s internal network performs this role.

However, in case you want to extend the delivery of your VDI solution beyond organizational borders, you need to leverage the internet. This option will then require you to adopt additional security measures to ensure security of data.

VDI and Productivity

A VDI solution is highly geared towards productivity. The same infrastructure that runs your virtual desktops can be used to deploy virtualized instances of applications as well. These productivity apps seamlessly integrate with your VMs and enhance productivity.

dinCloud Hosted Desktops

dinCloud Hosted Desktop

Instead of setting up a VDI solution in house, you can also utilize the infrastructure and expertise of a specialized Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud. The premier CSP has a highly robust, secure and reliable Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop called dinHVD.

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dinCloud delivers its HVDs to thousands of end users through its global data centers. You can access dinCloud’s VDI solution over the internet using a login device such as tablet, laptop or desktop and an internet connection, nearly 24/7/365.

All the underlying hardware that runs your VDI solution will be procured, maintained and managed by dinCloud as your cloud provider. In exchange for using dinCloud’s resources, you will be paying a mutually agreed usage fee.

dinHVD and Productivity Apps

To manage heavy workloads, you can also seamlessly integrate fully virtualized productivity apps in your VDI solution, dinHVD. Our industry leading enterprise software and apps are fully licensed and patched in order to deliver a seamless user experience.

Data Security at dinCloud

dincloud Leading Support And Security For Their Customers

In case of an outsourced VDI solution such as dinHVD, you need to give due consideration to data security concerns. To secure your valuable data, dinCloud adopts a multi dimensional approach that covers both physical and cyber security aspects.

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dinCloud has deployed firewalls, intrusion detection, malware protection and encryption to keep your data secure. In addition to that, our global data centers enjoy some of the leading international certifications for data security and regulatory compliance.

Customer Support at dinCloud

In case you have outsourced your VDI solution to a cloud provider like dinCloud, customer support is a very crucial factor. dinCloud has a highly capable and motivated team of cloud care professionals that are always there to help you, 24/7 over phone, email or Skype.

dinHVD and Business Continuity

An outsourced VDI solution such as dinHVD is highly suited to contingencies that pose business continuity challenges, such as the ensuing Covid-19 pandemic. By leveraging our turnkey VDI solution, you can fully support critical operations remotely and safely.

Why Prefer dinCloud’s VDI Solution?

dinCloud offers a fully virtualized and seamless Windows 10 experience over its Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD). You can access them from multiple device platforms such as tablet, laptop or desktop PC.

With dinHVD, all your data is converged at our highly secure data centers, instead of individual end user devices. dinHVDs are available at an industry beating flat rate pricing model so that you don’t have to worry the least bit about your cloud bill.

Contact Us for your desktop or app virtualization needs to overcome any business continuity challenges and we will craft the best solution for your needs.