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Over 2 Million virtual desktops have been deployed by just 146 individuals, According to the SurveyThe Year of VDI,” leading to the declaration by the survey organizers that 2019 is THE year of VDI.  But what is driving the ongoing trend towards this innovative technology?

Security, Management, and Mobility are Increasingly Driving Demand for the Switch


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Leading the list is the demand for a simplified management structure to supplying desktops to the end user, the increasing demand by employees for a more flexible and mobile work environment and security concerns.

Feasibility of Hiring Dedicated Resource for Cyber Attacks Protection

It’s no surprise, to us anyway, that security concerns are one of the driving forces behind business’s evaluating VDI solutions.  The increasing sophistication of cyber criminals and the speed that they pivot is impossible to keep up with if you don’t have dedicated resources.  And these dedicated resources require ongoing education to keep up with the changing risks.  The expense of recruiting this type of knowledge along with the ongoing education expenses can put this type of resource outside of a business’s budget, leaving them struggling to secure their data effectively.

Cloud Based VDI Solutions For Securing Data

Cloud-based VDI solutions can tap into these resources and enable more businesses to be able to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge to secure their data.

VDI Growth Goes Beyond Niche

Another interesting finding of the survey is how VDI use has gone beyond the information and technology industry and has spread across verticals.


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Something to note, as well, is the verticals reporting the highest use are also the ones with the strictest compliance requirements, which points back to security being one of the top drivers towards adoption.

Hosted Virtual Desktops are the New Norm



Regardless of your business’s reasons for moving towards a virtual desktop infrastructure, the benefits are clear.  dinCloud’s hosted virtual desktops combine the best of both worlds, the speed, and functionality of a desktop with the flexibility, security, and simplicity of the cloud.

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