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Over 75% of organizations utilize some form of virtualization, with over 90% reporting they have virtualized or plan to. Other reports state that the value of the global cloud-based VDI market may exceed $10 billion by 2023.

These astonishing numbers don’t come without merit.  The benefits of moving toward a virtual desktop infrastructure are significant and can have enormous benefits for your business. Here is a list of eleven big benefits of VDI.

Benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

List of 11 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Benefits

Enhanced productivity

Employees are empowered to work from wherever they are and from whatever internet connected device they have.  Now, they can work from home, on the train, at the doctor’s office, or wherever life may take them.  Being out of the office is no longer a barrier to teams collaborating and moving projects forward.

Heightened security

Virtual desktop providers are well versed in the latest and critical security protocols.  dinCloud has security as a top of the mind issue in the creation of our secure platform with multiple layers of security built-in and automatically provided to each and every user.t

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Increased agility

Increased agilityThanks to the subscription nature of cloud based VDI, businesses can add or remove instances immediately, allowing the technology to ebb and flow with the changing needs of the business.

Reduced Costs

The typical desktop strategy is hard on the physical infrastructure of the endpoints.  But by moving the processing power needed to run the workstation to the virtual server, you extend the life of the physical device and allowing it to last much longer than the typical machine

Expanded Control

Expanded ControlBy centralizing the management of the infrastructure, administrators can provision, deprovision, or make changes to a workstation from their location with no need to have physical access to the device.


Built-in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Built-in Disaster Recovery and Business ContinuitySince the data does not reside on the end-users physical device, all data is automatically stored in an off-site location. So regardless of the environment around the user, they can access their data from whatever device they have available, enabling them to remain productive in spite of the harsh circumstances.

Future Proof

Future ProofAnother advantage of the subscription nature of a cloud-based VDI is that updates and new features are automatically added to the platform as soon as they are rolled out, meaning you will always have the most up-to-date technology without the cost of purchasing new software or infrastructure.2

Support for BYOD strategies

Support for BYOD strategiesBecause virtual desktops reside on a remote server, the operating system of the device accessing is irrelevant.  Users access their workstation via a web browser, enabling them to utilize whatever device is accessible.

Transparent pricing

Transparent pricingThis is a unique benefit to dinCloud’s solution and you only pay for what you use.  With no hidden fees, you can accurately budget your monthly usage.

Increased Flexibility

Increased FlexibilityUsers are no longer chained to their device, enabling them to work on the go, even on borrowed devices.  And since the data resides on a separate server, there is no risk of data compromise as all information remains on the virtual server.

Reduced Complexity

With all updates being automatically updated on the virtual server, adding new users provisioned through a single device, and every day to day tasks typically managed by the IT staff being handled by the cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure , your department will be able to focus on more critical business growth and needs, allowing your business to grow faster.

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On-site virtual desktop infrastructure was complex and expensive, causing many businesses to reject the solution and maintain the status quo.  But the creation of the cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure enabled businesses to quickly and efficiently spin up new desktops and reduced costs.  As the security myths surrounding cloud-based products were debunked (a survey found that 64% of enterprises believed the cloud was more secure than on-premise and that 95% of security failures were the fault of the end-user) the growth of the platform has grown exponentiall