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As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, work from home is the new normal. We are currently in the middle of history’s largest remote work experiment. However, a remote work solution that is robust, secure and reliable is an absolute necessity.

dincloud hosted virtual desktop and remote work

Challenges of Remote Work

A prolonged remote work scenario was very rare before this pandemic. Therefore, this new exercise has brought along its own set of challenges. Some of these issues have a psychological aspect, while most are related to productivity and security.

In this post, we will briefly touch upon some of the above issues unique to prolonged remote work and how dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) are the perfect answer to your business continuity needs.

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Robust Infrastructure

dincloud robust infrastructure

Previously, a very small percentage of employees used to work remotely in most organizations. When they connected remotely to data and applications, this did not put a lot of stress on the infrastructure or underlying hardware.

Now however, the situation is completely the other way around. Nearly the entire workforce of companies, which may be in hundreds or thousands, is accessing organizational data and apps remotely and also at the same time.

This can strain and choke even some of the most well designed networks, as they were not intended for such a use scenario. dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) are a different story altogether, when it comes to reliability.

With dinCloud, you can virtually deploy hundreds or even thousands of dinHVDs in a matter of hours or a couple days. This way, you can ensure a fully connected remote workforce that will be utilizing our highly robust cloud infrastructure at all times.

Cyber Security

It is surely proving to be a major challenge for organizations, especially in the backdrop of the Covid-19 crisis. Astonishingly, there has been a record number of cyber attacks on federal, state and commercial networks during this pandemic.

Miscreants over the cyber space are trying to exploit gaps in security that can mainly be associated with the hasty deployment of remote work solutions. If you deploy dinCloud’s hosted virtual desktops (dinHVD), you can stop worrying about security altogether.

dinHVDs are equipped with a holistic approach to cyber security. We have secured our Hosted Virtual Desktops with virtual firewalls, multi factor authentication, intrusion detection, malware protection and encryption to name a few.

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On top of that, dinCloud’s global data centers comply with many international standards for physical and cyber security.

When you entrust your valuable data to us, rest assured that it’s in safe hands. Our compliance with the above international standards means you won’t have to worry about meeting regulatory requirements applicable to your industry.

Reliability / Uptime

When choosing an outsourced remote work solution, you have to give a lot of consideration to its availability or uptime. If your remote productivity solution runs into frequent disruptions, it will adversely affect employee productivity and morale.

Employees are already under a lot of stress as they try to cope with the effects of this pandemic. They are also trying to strike a balance between their personal and work lives, as the boundaries between both have disappeared due to remote work.

With dinHVDs, you will be able to avail uptime in excess of 99%, which is phenomenal by cloud industry standards. We further ensure that any patching, upgrading or troubleshooting we perform is scheduled in advance to minimize disruption.

Why Choose dinCloud for Remote Work?

dinCloud is a Promising Cloud Service Provider (CSP) with a remarkable track record in cyber security. Our robust, secure and reliable Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) are the perfect solution to your remote work and Business Continuity (BC) needs.

Contact Us for your remote workforce needs, whether related to this pandemic or otherwise. Our highly professional team of cloud experts will design a solution that’s both reliable as well cost effective.