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Cyber security is one of the most important and central aspects of IT driven systems. In the specific context of a cloud based service, the element of cyber security occupies center stage. This is because a cloud provider’s robust security posture is absolutely essential.

dinCloud 2020 Security Advancements for the End Users

dinCloud is a leading Cloud Service Provider (CSP) that serves global customers through its multiple data centers. The CSP enjoys an impeccable track record in cyber security, which has been further consolidated in the wake of recent Covid-19 crisis.

Cyber Attacks and Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic triggered a remote work scenario of global proportions. With massive lockdowns imposed across all major world cities, millions of businesses and organizations could only operate through remote employees.

As millions of entities scrambled for remote productivity solutions, whether in house or outsourced, cyber security could not get the priority it deserved. As a result, we have witnessed a record level of cyber attacks in the aftermath of Covid-19.

dinCloud and Cyber Security

For dinCloud, a robust cyber security posture has always remained a top priority. We are both grateful and mindful of the trust our thousands of customers place in us when they entrust their valuable data to dinCloud.

dinCloud has always adopted a proactive and multi-faceted approach to cyber security. As soon as our existing and new cloud users rushed to avail our industry leading cloud solutions, we started further consolidating our cyber security posture.

Recent Enhancements to dinCloud Security

In this post, we will briefly update you on the recent enhancements and innovations in dinCloud’s already robust security profile.

2020 latest enhancements dincloud did for the customers

Latest Security Patches

At dinCloud, evaluation of cyber security is a process that never stops. Our highly intelligent tools constantly monitor any existing or emerging vulnerabilities in our cloud infrastructure. As soon as we detect a weakness, it is immediately scheduled for patching.

We are pleased to report that dinCloud has upgraded its entire cloud infrastructure to the latest security patches, with particular focus on cyber threats emerging from the Covid-19 crisis. Our cloud professionals performed this patching with zero to minimal downtime.

Upgrading dinManage

dinManage is our web based cloud orchestration portal that enables our valued users to manage our cloud services from a single portal. We have also upgraded dinManage to bring it in sync with the latest technology versions in the cloud industry.

This not only enhances the security aspect of our cloud services, but also adds a host of new features and functionality within dinManage. The recent upgrades to dinManage are particularly helpful in the rapidly changing scaling needs of our cloud users and services.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

A robust user authentication is an integral part of dinCloud’s security tools. We have further consolidated our user authentication mechanism by implementing MFA across our valued cloud users. The MFA is a very effective defense against password theft.

Our MFA solution can be integrated with your smartphone, email address or mobile app depending on your preference. Once you have entered your unique login credentials, you will receive a dynamic One Time Password (OTP) over the desired platform to login.

Threat Intelligence and Monitoring

Cyber threats are always lurking over the web. To keep a watchful eye on the broad spectrum of cyber threats, dinCloud uses best in class network monitoring tools. These tools rely on both automation and human element to deliver the best results.

Our threat detection and prevention mechanism is comprised of network monitoring, IP address filtering, virtual firewalls, malware protection and intrusion detection. We maintain the data of our valued cloud users encrypted for additional protection.

Why dinCloud?

Cyber security is one of the most important considerations when migrating to the cloud, and it should be that way. With dinCloud, you will enjoy the cloud industry’s leading security solutions that seamlessly work in unison to deliver an impeccable security profile.

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