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In cloud computing solutions and services, pricing is one of the most fundamental aspects. It may not be a big deal if we are talking a handful of virtual desktops but when the number of virtual desktops runs in thousands, pricing becomes the center stage.

Azure vs dinCloud Pricing

dinCloud is a leading Cloud Service Provider (CSP) with some of the industry’s most capable Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD). Our dinHVDs delivers a fully virtualized Windows 10 desktop experience, fully capable of handling heavy workloads.

But the capability of dinHVDs is not the only differentiating factor for dinCloud. It is the pricing aspect of our cloud service where the major difference exists. To better understand why dinCloud’s Virtual Desktops are the most cost effective option, let’s study pricing.

Factors that Contribute to Pricing

Pricing of various cloud services is a complex matter. The usage scenario, number of virtual desktops and productivity applications are just some of the key factors that will greatly influence the pricing of your cloud solution. Some factors that add costs include:-

Migration Fees

When you are transitioning from either an on premise architecture or some other cloud service provider (CSP), you will need to migrate your data securely. Unlike dinCloud that has zero migration fees, most other CSPs like Azure may charge you for data migration.

Presently, the data of medium to large enterprises may run in several petabytes. If you factor in the cost of data migration properly, you may realize that your cloud bill may contain a lot of unwelcome surprises.

So far as dinCloud is concerned, we do not charge you at all on account of data migration fees. So, once you decide to transition to dinCloud’s architecture, rest assured that there will be no migration charges for the data you move to our global data centers.

Data Security Tools

Most CSPs like Microsoft Azure may charge you additionally for data security features. Over the cloud, you simply cannot afford to compromise on data security. Once you keep adding up cyber security tools over the cloud, most CSPs will start to bill you separately for them.

Now, you are faced with a dilemma. Either compromise on security, which you can’t, or pay your cloud provider extra sums of money for the required security tools. Over time, you’ll realize that the security aspect will become a huge chunk of your cloud bill.

At dinCloud, we do not charge our valued cloud users any additional sum for the holistic cyber security we provide. These include virtual firewalls, multi factor authentication, network monitoring, intrusion detection, malware protection and encryption.

dinCloud’s Flat Rate Pricing Model

dinCloud Flate Rate Pricing Model for Organizations

We have always tried to make cloud computing an affordable solution for both enterprises and individuals alike. dinCloud is mindful of the financial constraints most small to medium sized (SMB) businesses face when paying constantly swelling cloud bills.

To make the life of millions of SMBs easy and make cloud services highly affordable, dinCloud offers an industry beating Flat Rate Pricing Model. What this means for you is that your cloud bill at dinCloud will not contain any surprises whatsoever.

Why dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops – dinHVD ?

Now, let’s highlight some of the key advantages of our industry leading Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD):-

  • Support a fully remote workforce through our virtual desktops
  • Enjoy multi platform access over tablet, laptop and desktop PCs
  • Multi OS support that includes Windows, Linux and Android devices for login
  • Avail uptime in excess of 99%, ensuring round the clock productivity
  • Industry leading cyber security with independent, third party compliance standards
  • Fully licensed and patched productivity applications for a seamless user experience
  • dinHVDs can support heavy workloads like graphics and architecture software etc

dinCloud Customer Support

Although this aspect of cloud services is not directly related to pricing, it plays a key role in your overall cloud experience. dinCloud has a dedicated team of highly motivated and skilled cloud professionals that are available 24/7/365.

Our cloud care professionals will assist you with any difficulty you may be facing over email, phone, Skype or any other means at our disposal. We won’t rest unless we have resolved your issue to your utmost satisfaction.

Why Prefer dinCloud for Hosted Virtual Desktops ?

Regardless of whether you compare dinCloud with Azure or any other leading cloud provider, dinCloud will emerge as a better choice not only in pricing, rather in nearly every other aspect of hosted virtual desktops.

Contact Us for your Hosted Virtual Desktop or any other cloud needs and we will craft a solution that is not only the best for your needs, but one that’s also the most cost effective for your enterprise or business.