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Organizations of nearly every size and industry are rapidly going through digital transformation. Although digitization is bringing along many operational efficiencies, it also puts organizations at greater risks of cyber disruptions.How Cloud Service Providers Enhance Cyber Resilience?

What is Cyber Disruption?

In plain words, we can define cyber disruption as events over the cyber space that limit or eliminate the ability of an affected organization to maintain operations over its digital infrastructure. This can give rise to a host of other problems as well.

Sources of Cyber Disruption

When we contemplate the potential sources of cyber disruptions, the possible forces at play can be many. However, it is not possible for every organization to effectively evolve and implement a comprehensive solution for each potential source of disruption.

Still, some of the most common sources of cyber disruptions include natural disasters, malware, ransomware and denial of service (DoS) attacks etc. Each entity will have to attach a relative weightage to these threats and any other ones as well.

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What is Cyber Reliance?

The term cyber resilience can be defined as the efficiency and effectiveness with which an organization can tackle cyber disruptions. Remember, as the digital space is constantly evolving, so does the need for comprehensive cyber resilience solutions.

Cyber Resilience and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a reliable and versatile platform for deploying and managing a cyber resilience solution. Here are some reasons why.

Cyber Resilience and Cloud Computing

Robust Infrastructure

Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud have a very reliable and robust hardware infrastructure in the form of multiple data centers. This is an excellent support mechanism in scenarios where one data center becomes inaccessible due to some disruption.

Data Security

When you move your data to the cloud, it is converged in the CSP’s highly secure data centers. These data centers are secured by maintaining both physical and cyber security protocols such as firewalls, intrusion detection, encryption and more.

When you build your cyber resilience over cloud infrastructure, your data is not scattered across multiple end point devices, which are nearly impossible to fully secure and patch against cyber threats.

Malware Protection

CSPs like dinCloud employ some of the most stringent and reliable protocols to guard organizational data from malware. Most small to medium organizations may lack both the resources and skill set to protect data from malware.

Protection from Ransomware

Ransomware is a huge menace in the cyber space and most entities that fall prey to this attack end up paying the ransom. A resilience model that is built around the cloud protects you from ransomware by maintaining multiple backups of your valuable data.

Now, you will no longer have to end up paying ransom to the perpetrator of such an attack. Your cloud provider like dinCloud will immediately restore your data through one of its multiple backups housed safely in its physically dispersed data centers.

Business Continuity

When you build your cyber resilience around the cloud, you are gaining the additional edge of a reliable Business Continuity (BC) mechanism. In case of natural disruptions or otherwise, cloud providers have multiple data centers to support your critical operations.

What this means for your organization is that you are also acquiring a reliable posture for disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC), all wrapped up in the services of a reputed cloud solutions provider like dinCloud.

Reduced Down Times

In present times, the financial impact of even a small downtime can translate into thousands of dollars for a small to medium sized business. The reliable hardware of cloud providers, coupled with scheduled maintenances ensure zero to minimal IT downtime.

In 2014, Gartner Estimated the average cost of a single minute of IT downtime to around $5,600.

In 2016, a similar study by Ponemon Institute estimated this impact to be around $9,000, further raising the stakes of avoiding IT downtimes at all costs.

The architecture of cloud providers (CSP) like dinCloud is designed in a way that a downtime in one of their data centers is compensated by some other data center that has idle capacity, making the impact of downtimes at the cloud user level to zero.

Why Choose dinCloud for Cyber Resilience?

dinCloud is a highly innovative and reliable Cloud Service Provider (CSP) that supports its thousands of cloud users through multiple data centers. Our data centers are certified for some of the cloud industry’s highest standards of security and regulatory compliance.

We offer DR and BC built into our wide array of cloud hosted solutions that include virtual desktops, servers and database management solutions. We offer you a robust cyber resilience at an industry beating flat rate pricing model.

Contact Us to help us understand your cyber resilience needs and priorities. We will design a solution that will deliver unmatched resilience for all contingencies.