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The logistics industry is practically driving the whole wide world. With distances shrinking due to faster means of transport, the possibilities in the field of logistics are endless. While this may sound alluring, don’t be mistaken, it is indeed a fiercely competitive space.

How Can the Logistics Industry Benefit from dinCloud Solutions?

Every logistics provider aims to deliver on the promised timelines and in the minimal costs. The catch here is that logistics is among the most complex industries globally. There are so many factors and participants in the whole process that it can get pretty overwhelming.

Limitations of a Traditional Logistics Model

Until lately, most logistics providers have focused on implementing IT solutions within their domain of operations. While this exercise has yielded positive outcomes, this model still has few serious limitations.

Foremost is the huge upfront cost of implementing such IT solutions in house. To avail their full benefits, you generally have to implement the solutions across your entire warehouse footprint. This can jack up your investment in IT to millions of dollars.

The other major limitation of such a restricted model is that while it enables you to streamline in house operations, what happens with the operations and logistics partners that you don’t control directly.

As a result, nearly all major logistics companies are on the lookout for holistic solutions that first of all, do not entail a large capital expenditure (CapEx) to set up. Another driving factor behind looking for alternatives is the ability to have visibility beyond your organization.

In this post, we will suggest very cost effective and potent solutions for the logistics industry. These solutions come in the form of cloud services being offered by leading Cloud Service Provider (CSP) dinCloud.

Expand your Global Footprint

Once you migrate your Logistics Management Software to dinCloud’s state of the art cloud infrastructure, you attain a global footprint so far as operations are concerned. Our strategically located powerful data centers can support your software needs globally.

Here is the great part, you attain a global footprint without any hefty investments in IT infrastructure. Your entire logistics management software and supporting solutions will be seamlessly moved to dinCloud’s infrastructure.

Reduce Operating Costs with dinCloud

In the logistics industry, operating costs form a major chunk of the expenses incurred. So, your ability to reduce these costs directly impacts your sustainability and competitiveness in this industry.

Let’s discuss how you actually achieve cost savings with dinCloud. We will migrate your entire Logistics Management System over dedicated cloud hosted dinServers. These powerful virtual servers have ample oomph to support global operations seamlessly.

This in turn will eliminate the need for you to maintain dedicated servers at each of your strategic site to keep track of things. A centralized database of your inbound and outbound logistics maintained in dinServers will give you real time visibility into all operations.

Real Time Collaboration via dinHVDs

The next crucial element of your logistics operations will be the capability for real time collaboration. This can be made possible by leveraging dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops or dinHVDs.

Your own employees and your logistics partners will be able to collaborate in real time via dinHVDs. Here is the great part, our HVDs can be accessed globally so long as there’s internet. You can do so over multiple devices such as phones, tablets or laptops etc.

An environment where all key stakeholders can collaborate remotely and securely over dinHVDs will improve your ability as a logistics company to make last minute tweaks. This in turn will ensure you meet the promised timelines, without cost overruns or delays.

Complete Supply Chain Visibility with dinCloud

When you have successfully migrated your entire technology stack over dinCloud, you will not only achieve real time visibility within your organization, but also the other key stakeholders in the broader logistics chain.

This will result in a highly collaborative environment as you will enjoy complete visibility into your logistics network, even if it’s at a global scale. Better visibility puts you in a proactive position, where you can even take corrective or remedial measures in time.

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Like all major industry verticals, dinCloud’s best in class solutions and services can give you the much needed competitive edge. With dinCloud’s highly advanced and reliable cloud infrastructure to back you up, you can take your logistics company to new heights.

Would you like more insights about how dinCloud’s services can transform your existing logistics processes, feel free to Contact Us please.