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The benefits of cloud computing have slowly but surely trickled down to the finance industry as well. Economies as well as organizations can’t think of making substantive progress without an up to date mechanism for finance related matters.

How Can dinCloud Solutions Transform the Finance Sector?

When we refer to the financial sector as a whole, we are talking of many stand alone segments such as banking, insurance, capital markets, equities market and much more. At times, some of these sub sectors also closely interact with one another.

In this post, we will highlight how dinCloud’s services can assist financial institutions in achieving digital transformation, without compromising on security or performance.

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Host Financial Data on dinCloud’s Virtual Servers

Most people associated with the finance sector know it generates vast amounts of data every day. For analyses of historical trends and regulatory compliance, this data also needs to be stored for a good amount of time, before it can be deleted.

This poses a lot of problems for traditional, on premise storage solutions as they need constant upgrading to accommodate more data. With dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Servers, you no longer have to worry about running out of storage for your data.

dinCloud will store your valuable data over dedicated Virtual Servers housed in our global data centers. Once you have migrated your data to dinCloud, you can even de-commission the costly and inefficient storage solutions deployed in house.

dinCloud’s Compliant Data Centers

The financial sector generates information that’s both sensitive and confidential. For this reason, organizations that operate in the finance sector are subject to stringent regulations and monitoring.

As a financial institution, you may not have the requisite human resource and tools to secure your prized financial data from modern cyber threats. The solution is simple, migrate your data over dinCloud’s highly secure and compliant data centers.

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Multi Layer Cyber Security

At dinCloud, we have secured our cloud infrastructure by using a multi layered approach to prevent cyber attacks from inflicting damage. We will keep your financial data secure by using encryption, intrusion detection and prevention, user authentication and firewalls.

Your finance data will be stored behind these multiple layers of cyber security, each designed with a specific threat vector in mind. By moving to dinCloud, your financial institution will be in a much better position to meet regulatory compliance as well.

Leverage dinCloud’s Virtual Databases

The finance sector generates lots of data and you constantly need it for analysis of the latest trends and forecasting future trends as well. Streamline your terabytes of valuable financial data by storing it over dinCloud’s Virtual Databases.

With dinCloud’s super efficient cloud infrastructure at your back, you will be able to perform analyses and forecast trends more accurately, in record times. At dinCloud, we use highly efficient database management tools that give you the edge over competitors.

On the Go Productivity with dinHVDs

By availing dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) instead of traditional physical computers, you can make your workforce productive on the go. Imagine your staff has to give a presentation on the financial health of a company to a prospective buyer.

This will be a breeze, as all the required information will be instantly accessible to your staff over our cloud infrastructure, from any endpoint device. Similarly, your financial analysts and advisors can access financial data virtually from anywhere, so long as there’s internet.

Equip dinHVDs with Cloud Accounting Software

Finance is all about aggregating data in a structured way to extract valuable insights. To do all this efficiently, you will need to leverage specialized accounting software that do all the back end processing for you.

dinCloud’s HVDs can be supplemented with cloud native accounting software. In this way, you will be in a much better position to render financial services to prospective clients virtually from anywhere across the globe.

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Instant Scalability with dinCloud

The finance industry is very cycle oriented. You must have witnesses an abnormal surge in the number of clients who want you to file their financial returns near the close of a fiscal year. There can be many more such examples of temporary surge in demand.

dinCloud equips you much better to cope with cyclical trends, as our Cloud Infrastructure allows you to scale up or down instantly, depending on the demand for your financial services. Here’s the great part, you pay only for what you actually use.

Why dinCloud?

dinCloud has been in the cloud industry for many years now. We have a highly secure and resilient cloud infrastructure that can be instrumental in digitally transforming your financial institution. This will put you in the league of big industry players very soon.

In case you have any further questions on how dinCloud’s services can lead your Digital Journey, you are always welcome to Contact Us.