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Cloud Computing solutions can be tailored to suit the needs of nearly all sectors. The legal sector is no exception. By leveraging dinCloud solutions, this industry can immensely improve data privacy and streamline workflows.

dinCloud Solutions and the Legal Industry

The Challenges in Legal Industry

In this sector, there is no such thing as grey areas. Either you win a case or you lose it! For large corporations, the financial impact of winning or losing any case in a court of law can have financial implications in millions or even billions of dollars.

To add to these already high stakes, data privacy and secrecy are of paramount importance. If the opposing side gets even a glimpse of your legal strategy, they can plan ahead of time and seriously neutralize your efforts.

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How do the Cloud and Legal Sector Add Up?

At first glance, it would appear there is no coherence whatsoever between cloud computing and the legal industry. However, when you analyze the potential of dinCloud’s solutions and their actual implementation, your perception would entirely change.

Un-matched Data Privacy with dinServers

Being a leading Cloud Service Provider (CSP), dinCloud offers dedicated virtual servers (dinServers) to law firms. By leveraging our blazing fast cloud hosted servers, lawyers will have instant access to the various cases that they are pleading.

The entire repute of law firms depends on how well they guard the privacy of their clients. However, this is simply not their domain and they may lack the requisite expertise. With dinServers at your disposal, your days of worrying about data privacy are over.

Round the Clock, Anywhere Access to Case Material

Quite often, big and complicated cases can have a lot of study material. It may also be possible that a whole team of lawyers and legal experts is working on a single case. Some of those legal experts may also be located in different towns or cities altogether.

Take the example of multi-national law firms that have offices in multiple countries of the world. In such a case, dinCloud’s infrastructure provides a secure and highly accessible cloud platform to access legal resources from anywhere.

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dinHVDs – A Secure and Remote Working Platform

In addition to cloud hosted virtual servers, dinCloud also offers fully virtualized Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops called dinHVDs. These HVDs allow your lawyers and other legal experts to access organizational and case related resources securely and remotely.

Your team members can access the study resources at the law firm using dinHVDs, which can be connected at the backend with dinServers housing all the important legal data. This will streamline productivity and the entire process will proceed securely.

dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Databases – A Data Bank for Case Laws

You must have heard the famous quote, “Justice is blind”. What does this mean in a literal sense? Well, in literal sense, what it means is that all parties to a case or legal dispute have to present their point of view in the most effective manner.

The party whose arguments are the most effective tends to win the case, regardless of who should have actually won the case. In the domain of law, previous precedents, called case laws, are very important.

However, there may historically be thousands of millions of case laws in recorded legal history. It is not humanly possible to sift through so many legal precedents and determine which ones of them suit the particular case you are pleading.

Well, this is where the power of dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Databases comes into play. All you have to do is consolidate the maximum number of case laws related to your legal domain over dinDatabases. This will act as a data bank when preparing for cases.

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Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Extract Relevant Case Laws

When you have consolidated the maximum possible number of historical case laws in dinCloud’s virtual databases, it’s now time to leverage the vast computing and processing power of our highly advanced data centers.

You can develop correlational algorithms that will sift through the vast cloud hosted database of previous case laws. By leveraging AI, dinCloud’s powerful servers will extract the most relevant case laws based on your provided criteria within seconds.

This in turn will solve a nearly insurmountable challenge for your law firm. By extracting case laws that go in your favor, you would be able to make a much stronger and defendable case for your clients, greatly improving your odds of winning that case.


We have tried to highlight some very important facets of cloud computing that can prove to be a game changer for the vibrant legal industry. Leverage dinCloud’s best in class cloud solutions and take your law firm to a whole new level.

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