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Across the globe, we find marvels of construction and architecture that leave us speechless. The modern construction industry is an optimal blend of efficiency, unique design and mind blowing architecture.

How dinCloud Solutions Benefit the Construction Industry?

But there is an endless loop of designing, tweaking and improvements that ultimately results in the structure we actually see at the end. Well before even the first brick of a structure is laid, there is months and even years of preparation that goes into it.

How Does the Construction Industry Works

The construction industry as a whole depends on many smaller industries. Like most other disciplines, this industry also relies heavily upon Information Technology (IT). From the concept and design to the actual work, IT is used heavily in the whole process.

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Limitations of Traditional IT Infrastructures

Take the example of Auto CAD, which is an extensively used software in the construction industry. Over this program, architects tend to design every aspect of a building or construction project.

It is not merely the skeleton, rather the interior and all design aspects are covered. Once a blueprint is ready, it is then thoroughly analyzed from each and every aspect; whether its strength, practicality or safety of the structure.

At this phase, you require extensive processing power, which traditional IT infrastructures deployed on premises don’t have the capacity to support. As a result, the architectural program often crashes or becomes non responsive for long periods of time.

In this post, we will highlight how dinCloud solutions can bring efficiency and cost savings for the construction industry.

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Use dinHVDs to Run Powerful Architectural Software

As a premier Cloud Service Provider (CSP), dinCloud offers a wide range of Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops called dinHVDs. Our HVD packages have been designed to suit the needs of a wide range of users.

To serve the construction and architecture industry, dinCloud offers super powerful HVDs with multi processing core setups. To run graphics intensive programs such as AutoCad, we have augmented dinHVDs with ultra powerful Graphics Processing Units (GPU).

In this way, you have round the clock access to architectural software that deliver a seamless User Experience (UX). There is no such thing as lag or non responsiveness, because dinCloud’s state of the art cloud infrastructure is supporting those apps.

With powerful dinHVDs, you enjoy anywhere, anytime remote access to your construction and architectural programs. This gives you immense creative room as your creativity and design outputs are not constrained to any particular time and space.

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Streamline Operations by Leveraging dinServers

The construction industry relies on super complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Its operations include procurement, logistics, supply chain and many such functions. If all these aspects are not perfectly in sync, the project gets delayed.

Another issue is the lack of real time visibility into every department as to what all is happening at any particular point in time. This enables each functional area to determine whether its tasks and contribution to the project is on schedule or otherwise.

You can remarkably streamline your construction related operations by hosting the ERP software over dedicated, cloud hosted dinServers. In this way, all key personnel of a construction company will have real time access to operational data.

This is particularly helpful when a construction company is operating in multiple geographies simultaneously. It this industry, it is quite common for the materials to be sourced from very far flung locations to meet the desired standards.

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Coordinate Using dinCloud Hosted Databases

In the construction industry, coordination is of supreme importance. dinCloud offers the latest Cloud Hosted Virtual Databases where you can maintain a real time record of all your construction projects at various stages of completion.

Every key member of your company will have real time access to the progress of each individual process. This progress can be benchmarked with the planned timelines for a project in real time over our cloud infrastructure.

Use dinCloud’s Infrastructure for Collaboration

In large construction projects, companies often seek the expertise of external experts and consultants. They are not directly involved at the construction site itself, but their input at every crucial stage of the project is very important.

Assume some of your consultants are based in a different state or country altogether and you constantly need their inputs from time to time. This is made seamlessly easy through dinCloud’s highly advanced cloud architecture.

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Your project consultants and experts can collaborate securely over dinCloud’s infrastructure, regardless of whether they use their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. All you have to do is assign them one of dinCloud’s dedicated or shared virtual machines.


By leveraging the wide range of dinCloud services and products, you can take your construction company to a whole new level. With dinCloud’s advanced infrastructure to back you up, your operations will be immensely streamlined.

If you are associated with the construction industry and want to leverage dinCloud’s services, please feel free to Contact Us.